"She's doing a great job" - 35-year-old WWE Superstar praises Samantha Irvin for adding to his presentation

Samantha Irvin is a ring announcer in the company.
Samantha Irvin is a ring announcer in the company.

A 35-year-old WWE Superstar recently praised ring announcer Samantha Irvin for doing a great job on his introductions.

Intercontinental Champion Gunther has established himself as a dominant superstar on the main roster. He is the leader of the Imperium faction and is approaching The Honky Tonk Man's record as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. The Ring General will defend the title against Drew McIntyre tomorrow night at SummerSlam.

Speaking to Sanjay Maru ahead of WWE SummerSlam tomorrow night in Detroit, The Ring General was asked if Samantha Irvin's unique introduction style adds to his presentation.

The Austrian star said that Samantha does a great job, and she excels at finding a unique way to introduce everyone to the WWE Universe.

"Oh yeah, of course. I think she [Samantha Irvin] does a great job in general by finding an individual way to introduce each of the competitors. And for us [Imperium], it is very fitting. I think it adds to our presentation too, or for me in that case. So yeah, she's doing a great job," said Gunther. [From 03:40 - 04:00]

You can check out the full interview in the video below:


Samantha Irvin is engaged to WWE RAW star Ricochet, who will be in action tomorrow night against Logan Paul.

On this past Monday's edition of the red brand, the YouTuber took a shot at his opponent and joked that he hopes there are no hard feelings when Samantha has to announce him as the victor at tomorrow's premium live event.

WWE RAW star Gunther on his wife retiring from the ring

Gunther is married to former WWE Superstar Jinny, who recently had to retire due to an injury.

Jinny was a part of the NXT UK until 2022 but decided to retire from the ring after suffering a concussion. During the conversation with Sanjay Maru, Gunther disclosed that his wife is doing well in retirement and backing him up as a superstar.

"She's very good at the moment. It's obviously a switch, she was a very competitive person, a person that has had big goals, and she was very talented. Stuff like that happens, but we have plans personally that we want to fulfill so we're in the process of that, and yeah, it's nothing to complain about. What she does is like back me up, and enable me to do all of that with keeping all of the other hassles that life has in store away from me," he said. [From 04:11 - 04:45]

Gunther has a tall task ahead of him when he defends the Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre tomorrow night at the premium live event. Only time will tell if he can retain the title once again at WWE Summerslam in Detroit.

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