"Shut the hell up, man" – WWE Hall of Famer denies bullying accusations

239 people are currently in the WWE Hall of Fame
239 people are currently in the WWE Hall of Fame

Former WCW wrestler Disco Inferno once claimed that WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner "found humor in bullying people." In a recent interview, Steiner hit back at his former co-worker and addressed whether he really did bully anyone in the wrestling business.

Disco Inferno made the comments on a 2021 episode of the K100 podcast. The two-time WCW World Television Champion said Steiner tried to drown him in a lake one time while they were jet skiing.

On the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Steiner confirmed Disco Inferno's story was true. However, he clarified he was only joking around and he never intentionally tried to hurt anyone:

"I did the same thing to my brother [Rick]," Steiner said. "Knock him off and then kept on [skiing] around, try to drown him, take him to that point, and then, 'All right, get back out,' and then do it all over. Then Disco calls me a bully! Man, shut the hell up, man. They were both my jet skis. We were having fun." [34:30 – 34:48]

Steiner won several titles during his career, including the WWE Tag Team Championship twice with his brother Rick. He also captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

What did Disco Inferno say about WWE legend Scott Steiner?

Asked about pranks involving Scott Steiner, Disco Inferno said the former WCW star could do whatever he wanted because nobody dared stand up to him.

The 56-year-old also elaborated on Steiner allegedly trying to drown him:

"We'd get in the water, and the first thing he would try to do is you jump in, he'd try to drown me in the water," Disco Inferno said. "He's laughing. He found humor in bullying people and seeing people's uncomfortable reactions to him being a bully, and that's the way he operated. And they let him do it. Nobody was gonna say a word to him."

In 2022, The Steiner Brothers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Scott Steiner admitted he could have received an induction earlier had it not been for negative comments he made in the past.

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