"So disappointing" - WWE fans upset after new Bloodline member helps Roman Reigns beat Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle

Roman's reign continues through the Clash.

WWE fans were unhappy with the outcome of Drew McIntyre's world title match against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. While most expected The Scottish Warrior to come out on top, he lost after interference from The Bloodline's newest member, Solo Sikoa.

McIntyre had the match won after hitting a spear and Claymore Kick on Reigns, but a hooded Sikoa pulled the referee out of the ring before he could count to three. The seemingly former NXT star then landed a cheap shot on the Scotsman, leading to a Spear from The Tribal Chief that ended the match.

While a few of his peers tweeted their delight for Solo Sikoa, WWE's fanbase was largely upset at this development. Clash at the Castle felt like the perfect time to pull the trigger on McIntyre dethroning Reigns, especially since it was the company's first major event in the United Kingdom in 30 years.

The responses on Twitter ranged from enraged to amused, with a couple of Clash at the Castle attendees claiming how angry the crowd was after Drew McIntyre lost. SmackDown star Karrion Kross also commented on the outcome following his appearance at ringside during the main event of Clash at the Castle.

Kross claimed the fans were wrong for making Drew McIntyre their choice to defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. He also teased his involvement in the world title scene.

Check out these tweets:

I told you.They chose him. And they were wrong.This Empire must fall.
Damn, Roman had an extra Uce in his pocket. So happy for @WWESoloSikoa!! #WWECastle
This place is A N G R Y #WWECastle
It’s fine guys Drew will get his rematch vs Roman at Backlash at the Castle.
The Isle of Samoa to the United Kingdom when Roman Reigns beat Drew McIntyre
Dude I like Roman Reigns. A lot. I really do, I think he’s awesome. But for the love of god why in god’s name did they not end that reign here???
That match gave me so many goosebumps towards the end I can't even tell you. Roman retains and I'm still processing the whole thing.
It's got to be Cody to dethrone Roman Reigns now, surely?

What happened with Drew McIntyre after losing to Roman Reigns at WWE Clash at the Castle?

Boxing legend Tyson Fury entered the ring after Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre and shook The Tribal Chief's hand. He told The Scottish Warrior that he did his entire country proud before the two started singing together.

While this was done to send the crowd home happy, fans on Twitter did not enjoy seeing McIntyre shrug off being cheated out of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship like that. Users called it "awkward and lame," even comparing it to Lex Luger's celebration after defeating Yokozuna via countout at SummerSlam 1993.

I hate Drew McIntyre just shrugging off the biggest loss of his career to sing with Tyson Fury. HATE IT! #WWECastle
This closing segment is so awkward and lame.Did Vince McMahon swap the final page of the PPV script? #WWECastle
If I lost a world title match in my home turf I would've been pissed af and not singing happily but that's just me...
You lost Drew but here's Tyson Fury to sing with youAye ok

Roman Reigns marches on as the top superstar on RAW and SmackDown, even if many believe it was the wrong decision.

Do you think Drew McIntyre should have come out on top at Clash at the Castle? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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