Former Wyatt Family member reveals why he never wanted to see Bo Dallas join the WWE faction (Exclusive) 

Bo Dallas and The Wyatt Family.
Bo Dallas and The Wyatt Family.

Bo Dallas' WWE stint will sadly be remembered as a missed opportunity as the former NXT Champion was once earmarked to have a bright future on the main roster.

Inconsistent booking decisions and untimely injury setbacks severely affected Bo Dallas' run in the big leagues. While Bo was struggling for TV time, his real-life brother Bray Wyatt rose up the card with his sinister gimmick.

Over the years, fans have made obvious calls to have Bo Dallas join Bray Wyatt as it was viewed as the best way to rehabilitate Dallas' on-screen WWE character.

WWE never pulled the trigger on the booking plan, and a former Wyatt Family member is glad that it never happened.

Erick Rowan, aka Erick Redbeard, recently appeared on Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone. The former WWE star revealed why Bo Dallas should never have joined the Wyatt Family.

Rowan kept it short and explained that the Wyatt Family act was fictional and not inspired by real life, and there was no need to involve Bo Dallas in the equation. This could very well be the reason that kept Bo Dallas away from the angle throughout the years.

Here's what Erick Rowan had to say:

"No. Because it's a character, not real life," Rowan stated.

Origins of The Wyatt Family in WWE

Erick Rowan also spoke about how the Wyatt Family came about in the WWE. The former SmackDown Tag Team champion recalled that the idea stemmed from Bray Wyatt's initial vision for the characters.

Brodie Lee was chosen to be Bray Wyatt's 'first son', and WWE later picked Rowan to play the role of the second disciple. Rowan found it funny that he and Brodie Lee were older than Bray Wyatt, but the storyline evolved into one of the hottest angles on TV:

"It started with the characters that Bray Wyatt had with the white shirts, stuff like that. Then he did some sort of vignettes with Dusty, and it was completely kind of a different thing, and then, when they finally decided to kind of go with it, I know Brodie was going to be like the first son of, you know, Bray. He was just called the first son, and he was on NXT for a couple of weeks, and NXT had started separating itself from main roster stuff to being its own entity and show. Then like, maybe three days before because we had done things backstage, like, I tried different promos with them, but like I would wear different masks, no masks, jammer bottoms, I didn't know what I was going to wear. It was like two days before one of the NXT tapings; they were like, 'Okay, you are going to be the second son of Bray, which was funny because we were older than him. But it's funny, and it just kind of evolved from there with the rocking chairs and all that stuff," said Rowan.

During the latest UnSKripted, Erick Rowan also had a message for ex-partner Braun Strowman following the Monster Among's Men's WWE release.

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