Talent performance was better under Vince McMahon's "regime" for a simple reason, explains WWE veteran (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon is currently no longer associated with WWE
Vince McMahon is currently no longer associated with WWE [Image via WWE.com]

WWE certainly changed tremendously after Triple H came into power and TKO Group became the promotion's parent company. However, former head writer Vince Russo believes that the roster's performance was better when Vince McMahon was in charge.

While Triple H seems to be more friendly with his roster, McMahon was known to be very strict and business-driven in his approach to handling the Stamford-based promotion. This had often resulted in the stars being careful around the former CEO, as he was quite the perfectionist at work.

However, talent today has been granted much more freedom by the Chief Content Officer, which has resulted in them often breaking character on social media. On Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, the veteran stated this was because the stars were too comfortable around Triple H.

"Here's the word I think we are looking for, they are very comfortable. They are very comfortable around Triple H. With Vince you have heard all of them say it. They were walking on eggshells. I am sorry, if your relaxed, what is it, laissez-faire attitude backstage compared to one of walking on eggshells and every single thing matters, and I have gotta make sure I am on top of my game because Vince is watching and what is Vince gonna think, I am sorry bro. I think you are going to be more aware of your performance under the Vince Regime." [3:50 onwards]

You can check out the video here.

The Triple H era in WWE is nothing to boast about, according to Vince Russo

While Triple H's ascension to power in WWE has been received warmly by most of the pro wrestling community, Vince Russo thinks that not much has changed for the better.

Speaking about Stephanie McMahon and Triple H's words at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Legion of RAW, Russo stated:

"Being that Vince isn't there anymore, he's not the boss. There are people above him. The more power and more control that Triple H can have, the better. But you're gonna go out there and talk about a new era, your wife's gonna go out there and talk about the 'Paul Levesque Era' and this is it? I don't know if I would be bragging about it, to be honest with you."

It remains to be seen if Triple H will also address the issues about WWE raised by Vince Russo in the near future.

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