"That's what you get for being an idiot"- Triple H is punishing 39-year-old WWE star for his past controversial comments, according to fans

Triple H is the head of WWE
Triple H is the head of WWE's creative department

Braun Strowman suffered his first loss in WWE since returning to the company under Triple H's regime. Many fans believe that 39-year-old was punished for recent controversial comments.

Strowman took on Ricochet in the semi-finals of the SmackDown World Cup tournament. While the Monster of All Monsters had the match in his grasp, Imperium came out to cause a distraction which led to Ricochet picking up the victory via roll-up.

Braun's defeat against the former United States Champion came a few days after he made controversial remarks about high-flying, acrobatic wrestlers, calling them "flippy floppers."

The WWE Universe took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the huge upset. Many shared the sentiment that the former Universal Champion's loss against a high-flyer like Ricochet was a clear message to him from the company's head of the creative department.

Check out the embedded posts below:

RICOCHET PINNED BRAUN STROWMAN!??? 🤣🤣🤣 That's what you get for being an idiot on Twitter. You just lost to a "flippy floppy flopper."Also. Gunther is suddenly NOT scared of Strowman? 🤨#SmackDown
@WrestlingHumble He deserve that after what he said
@WrestlingHumble Either that tweet was a work or this was his punishment but either way that's funny lmaooo 🤣
Ricochet indeed defeated Braun Strowman with the help of a 3 way distraction from Imperium. Ricochet tried to save Strowman for a 3 on 1 attack. Strowman befriends Ricochet after that. Looked like a “hopefully you learned your lesson” moment #SmackDown
Ricochet just pinned Braun Strowman LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
*record scratch* Braun Strowman: I bet you're wondering how I got here, it all started with "Flippy Floppy" #SmackDown
@WrestlingHumble gotta believe thats Braun's punishment lmfaooooo
@WrestlingHumble HHH did this on purpose💀
Flippy floppy Ricochet beating super giant Braun Strowman… yeah that’s got to be intentional #SmackDown
I have no doubt that wasn't originally planned for Ricochet to pin Braun Strowman. That was booked to send a message to Braun not to bash his colleagues on Twitter for their in ring style for being flippy and floppy #SmackDown #SmackDownWorldCup

However, Braun and Ricochet buried the hatchet after the match as the latter assisted the Monster of All Monsters in a post-match brawl against Imperium.

In case you missed it, you can check out the complete SmackDown results and highlights by clicking here.

WWE legend would have loved to see Triple H take on Braun Strowman

Kurt Angle believes WWE missed the boat by not capitalizing on ending the Survivor Series 2017, which saw Braun Strowman lay out Triple H with a Powerslam.

The Olympic gold medalist was the leader of Team RAW at Survivor Series in the traditional 5-on-5 elimination match. Towards the end of the competition, The Game delivered a pedigree to Angle before laying out Shane McMahon of team SmackDown with another pedigree.

In the end, Strowman and Hunter were the final survivors of the Red brand. However, the former Universal Champion attacked Triple H after the match.

In a recent episode on The Kurt Angle Show, the Hall of Famer stated that WWE wasted an excellent opportunity of a feud between Hunter and Strowman as the two would have had some amazing matches together.

"Screw me over; that made sense, but the thing with Braun Strowman just made him look like an idiot. I think that if they would've had a program together, it would've been great, and I think that Triple H and Braun Strowman would have had some five-star matches," Angle said.
As #WWE never resolved the conflict between @TripleH and @BraunStrowman from survivor series 2017; therefore, my pick for @TripleH's retirement match is @BraunStrowman…

Triple H is no longer an active performer, as he announced his retirement from pro wrestling at WrestleMania earlier this year. He took over the reins of the company's creative department from Vince McMahon after the latter retired.

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