The Rascalz say goodbye to IMPACT Wrestling

One last Rascalz goodbye for IMPACT Wrestling
One last Rascalz goodbye for IMPACT Wrestling
Greg Bush

Last week, it was revealed that The Rascalz were being evicted from The Treehouse at IMPACT Wrestling. After a few years with the company, Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier have to leave. It has been a pretty emotional week for IMPACT fans.

For several days, many were hoping that things may turn around. Maybe that wad of cash hopping from person to person at IMPACT Wrestling would magically find its way into the hands of the trio. Maybe Scott D'Amore would reveal that they could just build another treehouse.

Unfortunately, none of that came to be. Tonight was the final episode of IMPACT with The Rascalz, and they went out with a spectacular main event tag team bout. Trey teamed up with IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann to take on Dez and Wentz. It was everything fans of the group would have wanted.

The Rascalz leave IMPACT Wrestling knocked out cold

The Rascalz and Rich Swann really put on a performance tonight. All four of these men are known for their fast-paced and high-octane striking offense, and that was what viewers got for the final twenty minutes, give or take.

These men never let up, and it was clear that neither Trey, Dez, nor Wentz were ready for what was going to happen tonight. A week's notice, but that didn't make it any easier.

Dez and Wentz hit the Hot Fire Flame on Swann at one point, and it seemed that they had it in the bag. Trey, though, rocked Dez with a superkick that sent him into the pin to break it up. Several times throughout the match, it seemed like Trey or his brothers in arms would wind up with the victory.

Ultimately, though, it was Rich Swann and Trey who pulled out the win. After missing another Hot Fire Flame, Trey slammed Dez into the mat with a Meteora from on high. Rich Swann followed it up with a nasty thrust kick to the back of the head, sealing the deal and putting this chapter of The Rascalz's career to a close.

That's it, IMPACT Wrestling and The Rascalz have parted ways. The trio hung their jackets up on the ropes and bid farewell, giving fans one last Rascalz Goodbye.

When they went to the back with Rich, they were blindsided by Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan. The Draw exclaimed that he didn't care about The Rascalz leaving, as they were no longer part of the equation.

After taking them out with a trash can, Callihan and Shamrock focused on Swann, who will be putting his IMPACT Wrestling World Championship on the line against The World's Most Dangerous Man next week.

It's rumored that The Rascalz will be heading to WWE soon. No matter where they go, it's clear that their futures are bright. However, should they ever want to go back, it's obvious that IMPACT Wrestling would welcome them back with open arms.

Throughout the match, the commentary team spoke incredibly highly of all three men, and were so proud of how much they have grown as competitors in the past three years.

Fans feel the same way. Watching these three explode onto IMPACT Wrestling and steal the show week in and week out is just one of the many reasons why the promotion has become one of the best on the planet.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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