"Same tired promo every week" - MVP and Paul Heyman called out for getting repetitive on the mic in WWE (Exclusive)

MVP and Paul Heyman received some flak for their promos.
MVP and Paul Heyman received some flak for their promos.

Vince Russo shared his criticism over WWE's repetitive promos and called out MVP and Paul Heyman during the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

Russo and Featherstone discussed the opening hour of RAW, which revolved around setting up Bobby Lashley's next big storyline as the WWE Champion.

Despite being a monster heel on paper, Bobby Lashley has started to get a few cheers in recent weeks, and MVP has had to put in extra effort in his promos to draw heat.

But Vince Russo was unimpressed with the content of WWE's promos, as he said performers like MVP and Paul Heyman deliver monotonous material on the microphone.

Russo explained that he had nothing personal against MVP or Heyman. Instead, he cited WWE's mediocre writing of shows as the reason behind the ineffectiveness of their promos.

"I'm not on the same page as you with MVP because, bro, it's like, guys like MVP, nothing against them, bro, I'm going to say this again, they don't write the show," said Russo. "But guys like MVP and Paul Heyman cut the same tired promo every week."

While a majority of the fanbase considers MVP and Paul Heyman as two of the best promo-cutters currently in WWE, Vince Russo just wasn't a fan of their work, and it primarily came down to the company's creative inconsistencies.

Vince Russo comments on WWE's booking of RAW's first hour

This week's RAW kicked off with Bobby Lashley and MVP addressing the SummerSlam win over Goldberg, and they were eventually interrupted by the new United States champion, Damian Priest.

Russo felt WWE gained nothing from Priest and Lashley's confrontation on RAW. As seen on the latest episode, Lashley faced the former NXT star in an impromptu singles match, which ended in a no-contest after Sheamus blindsided Priest and beat him up.

Drew McIntyre's save led to a tag team match between the heels and babyfaces present in the ring.

Russo briefly explained WWE's commonly-used RAW tactics and how the company aims to eat up the show's lengthy runtime.

"We're going to have a match," Russo continued. "We're not going to beat anybody, and we're going to turn it into a tag match, and it's going to eat practically the first half of the show. I mean, Chris, that's what we are talking about. That's exactly what, 'Oh! Champion vs. Champion!' Oh, gosh!"

Do you agree with Vince Russo's criticism of WWE's unchanging approach regarding promos and storylines? Sound off in the comments section below.

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