EC3 praises 45-year-old legend for being an "inspiration" to the WWE locker room (Exclusive)

The 2-time World Champion had a lot of praise for the WWE legend
The 2-time World Champion had a lot of praise for the WWE legend

EC3's WWE stint wasn't as long as fans would have liked. However, he made great friends along the way, and one person many fans didn't know he was friends with was the former franchise player of WWE, John Cena - whom he praised a lot.

The two-time IMPACT World Champion appeared on the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws to talk about John Cena's stories. He was full of praise for the 16-time World Champion.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone and former WWE writer Vince Russo, EC3 praised the former franchise player, describing him as the ultimate team player and an inspiration to the locker room:

"I can say that of anybody who was of the highest level possible, he was the one guy who sat there and watched everything. Gave anybody who wanted or asked for feedback. He was the leader, he was the ultimate team player. And you know he's working through lord knows how much physically and mentally. Being on top and having a personal life. He was an inspiration." [From 1:45 to 2:25]

The former IMPACT Wrestling star described how "crushing" it is to do hospital visits for children - something Cena has done throughout his career:

"Choosing to do the Make-A-Wishes...I visited hospitals, we did one for NWA this weekend. It was crushing...and to be able to do that and to give those kids everything you can, it's cool man." [From 2:26 to 2:41]

You can watch the full video below:


John Cena and EC3 teased facing each other at WrestleMania

When asked about a televised match in @WWENXT, @JohnCena says he wants @therealec3! "I would like to have a match with @therealec3 just to let him know that as good as he's going to do, no matter how hard he tries, he's not even on the same planetary scale." #NXT #MegaConOrlando

EC3, during his NXT stint, was vocal about his desire to face John Cena at WrestleMania. It went so far that Cena even posted a photo of the former NXT star on Instagram with the quote where he declared his intention for a match. Interestingly enough, the 16-time World Champion responded to a question about the potential dream match.

Cena stated that he wanted to prove to EC3 that he wasn't on the same level as him:

"That list is quite long, but there is a fellow who just arrived and his name is EC3," Cena stated. "I put him at the top of the list because he has been involved with WWE before, and he is now back, reinvigorated, revitalized, in good shape and is feeling confident about himself. He made one mistake, he said that he is going to finish me and take me out of WWE. There has been so many people to say that, so I would like to have a match with EC3 just to let him know that no matter how good he thinks he is going to do and how hard he tries, he is not on the same planetary scale as me."

Do you think this WrestleMania dream match could ever happen? Would you like to see it happen someday? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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