"They don't care" - The Undertaker's first opponent on WWE ignoring his existence

Mario Mancini faced The Undertaker in 1990.
Mario Mancini faced The Undertaker in 1990.

According to Mario Mancini, WWE does not care about former superstars once they are no longer valuable to the company.

Mancini worked for WWE as an in-ring competitor between 1984 and 1992. In 1990, he lost against the debuting Undertaker at a Superstars of Wrestling taping. He wanted to attend The Deadman’s Hall of Fame ceremony in April but attempts to get in touch with his former opponent proved unsuccessful.

On the “Cheap Heat Productions Podcast,” Mancini was informed that he does not have a profile page on WWE’s official website. He responded by recalling how the company’s higher-ups treated Hulk Hogan’s opponents in the 1980s:

“It’s the same opinion I’ve had since this ‘Taker thing happened: they don’t care,” Mancini said. “Listen, as I got older, smarter, more educated, and I reflected, it was even said back then when you see a guy like One Man Gang walk in for the first day, and they go, ‘Who’s that?’ and they go, ‘New meat for Hogan.’ So, when it comes to the WWE, back then you were a racehorse. When you couldn’t run anymore, they put you out to pasture.” [11:41-12:41]

Mancini also explained why he believes the company could get him arrested if he ever attends one of their shows.

Mario Mancini on the time WWE disrespected Bruno Sammartino

Former wrestler and trainer Tony Altomare once told Mario Mancini a story about the time Bruno Sammartino reduced his WWWF (now WWE) schedule in 1977. The wrestling icon allegedly fell out with promoter Vince McMahon Sr. before asking to lose the WWWF Championship.

Today marks four years since the passing of Bruno Sammartino.The longest reigning WWE Champion ever 🔥

Sammartino famously sold out Madison Square Garden (MSG) 187 times throughout his legendary career. He had major doubts about the future of WWWF’s MSG events without him. However, McMahon Sr. apparently felt that anyone could replace the Italian-American.

“Bruno had a falling out with the old man and Bruno was tired,” Mancini added. “Bruno said, ‘You’ll never sell out The Garden again.’ Vince Sr. said, ‘I can put the heavyweight strap on Howdy Doody and sell out Madison Square Garden.’” [45:07-45:34]

Mancini added that the decision to bring back Sammartino was partly because his long-term replacement, Bob Backlund, could not sell out MSG.

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