"These are professionals" - Vince Russo reacts to controversial leg slap finish to WWE RAW match (Exclusive)

Shayna Baszler beat Dana Brooke in the Queen Crown tournament match on RAW.
Shayna Baszler beat Dana Brooke in the Queen Crown tournament match on RAW.

Shayna Baszler's 'thigh slap' at the end of her latest RAW match against Dana Brooke has not gone down well with Vince Russo, who expressed his shock after witnessing leg slapping on WWE programming.

Shayna Baszler beat Dana Brooke in the first round of WWE's Queen's Crown tournament with a knee strike, and it was clear that she slapped her thigh while delivering the strike.

An unimpressed Vince Russo didn't expect leg slapping from performers competing in what is supposedly the "greatest wrestling company in the world."

As seen on Legion of RAW, he hilariously mimicked and mocked the act of leg slapping, which you can check out in the episode below at 30:00:

"I was more shocked by the fact that they beat Dana Brooke by Shayna Baszler slapping her leg. The leg slap! The leg slap! These are professionals. This is supposed to be the greatest wrestling company in the world, and you've got 'boom.' Are you serious, bro?" exclaimed Russo.

What is leg slapping in pro wrestling? Is it banned in WWE?

Leg/thigh-slapping has been prevalent in professional wrestling since the 1950s, as British grappler Chris Adams was one of the first recognized wrestlers to incorporate leg slaps into his superkicks.

Leg slapping is done to create a snappy sound during kicks and other leg-based strikes. Professional wrestlers have often courted criticism for the same as many fans and pundits feel it exposes the wrestling business.

In March earlier this year, Dave Meltzer reported that leg slapping was reportedly banned in the WWE after Vince McMahon caught a 'big wrestler' doing it 'sloppily' on SmackDown.

It was added that the company had even put up 'Do not slap leg when kicking' signs at its shows for the talent.

“DO NOT SLAP LEG WHEN KICKING”Obviously this was from backstage at WrestleMania 37.Nevertheless it’s pretty apparent that the leg slap still happens regularly on WWE television.#WWE

Modern-day pro wrestlers have especially been targeted in recent times for their over-reliance on leg slaps.

While many great WWE superstars have used this tactic over the years, such as Shawn Michaels, the increased backlash has forced talents to refrain from the highly disputed trick to generate sound for their kicks.

What are your views on thigh/leg slapping in professional wrestling? Share them in the comments section, and don't miss out on what Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone had to say during this week's Legion of RAW in the video above.

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