"They can just go to Triple H" - Wrestling legend on the freedom performers have with Hunter in charge (Exclusive)

HHH is one of the most powerful person in wrestling today.
The Game is the Chief Content Officer in WWE

WWE veteran Dutch Mantell believes that current performers in the company now have ample freedom to directly pitch their ideas to Triple H, unlike during Vince McMahon's regime.

Since assuming power in early August 2022, Hunter has brought many changes to WWE's programming that fans have embraced with open arms. But more than on-screen developments, backstage morale seems high, with those in power becoming much more approachable and open to ideas from talents.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell discussed the same, saying performers could directly share their pitches with Triple H. The former WWE manager added that since The Game must ultimately be convinced, the performers can reach out to him.

"Now with this regime, talent can actually go up to creative and suggest things to them. I mean, they don't have to go to Vince [McMahon]; they can suggest it to the agent prior to the creative team, and the creative guy likes it up, he'll bring it up during the session, or they can just go to Triple H and pitch it to him. That's who got to be sold ultimately, anyway. You got to sell him on it, be sold on it, then they may get behind it," said Dutch Mantell. [3:00 - 3:31]

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Karrion Kross lavished praise on the working environment cultivated by Triple H in WWE

A few days back, Karrion Kross, one of the biggest names Triple H has brought back to WWE, said The Game is his favorite person to work for.

The former NXT Champion explained that although the 14-time world champion expects nothing less than "excellence" from talents, he also encourages them to learn, grow, and improve.

"Triple H is probably my favorite person I've ever worked for. But by no means is he a person that would be easy to work for because excellence is expected. It's something that I know that if you look at his career and you look at his accomplishments, their enthusiasm for this business and entertaining people is endless... I'm always learning. I think the environment that he cultivates just by being there really encourages people to improve," said Kross.
“I’m going to do everything in my power to make this better than they’ve ever seen before” - Triple H

Kross currently performs on WWE SmackDown, where he's embroiled in a feud against Drew McIntyre. While the former NXT star won his match at Extreme Rules, McIntyre got his vengeance in a Steel Cage match at Crown Jewel 2022. It'll be interesting to see if a third and decisive match is on the cards between them.

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