"They gotta go through 30 years of material" - Vince Russo praises WWE's production team for putting together incredible video for RAW 30 (Exclusive)

Vince Russo seemed to be a fan of RAW 30
Vince Russo seemed to be a fan of RAW 30

Vince Russo has praised WWE for putting together an incredible video package for this week's historic RAW 30.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Legion of RAW, Russo explained the procedure of setting up a video package worth 30 years of content.

He briefly mentioned that WWE's production team had to go through 30 years of content to make a video package to recall the best memories on the red brand.

"There are logs and logs and logs of every single show... So, the first thing they gotta do is, they gotta go through all those logs. They gotta go through 30 years of material. What were the best things that happened on this show. Then they've got to go to the tape library, they gotta pull every show, they've got to find that segment of the show. Then they have hundreds and hundreds of clips that they are tying together with music."

Russo praised the video package by labeling it a "masterpiece" and putting it over.

"This was a masterpiece that took them a very long time... This was not done in a week. This was done probably, over at least a month. People don't understand what goes into these packages, but especially when you are going through 30 years of footage. I just really, really wanted to put that over. Because guys at the TV studio worked really really hard," added Vince Russo. [12:42 - 13:50]

Watch the latest edition of Legion of RAW:


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Vince Russo wasn't very optimistic about RAW 30

Vince Russo previously made it clear that he wasn't very optimistic about RAW 30. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, he said the build-up to the show didn't generate any buzz.

He also mentioned that every time WWE is to prepare for a show as such, it feels the same.

"No, you're writing the show; you're preparing the show. 1000 percent, we're not gonna lay an egg, we're gonna knock it out of the ballpark, but I mean, Chris, please correct me if I'm wrong. Every time we see one of these, it seems like just another show," said Vince Russo.
By the time @WWE RAW got to hour 3 last night, they lost 600K viewers from hour 1. Bro-all you had to do was shoot a Pick-Up Truck pulling up between hours 2-3 and keep going back to it. That would have held some of the audience. REAL SIMPLE. Come on, you KAYE-FABED YOURSELVES!!!

RAW 30 turned out to be a great show, especially during the first hour of the show featuring The Bloodline and other top stars, gaining acclaim from fans and critics alike.

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