"They try to become stars on their own shows" – WWE veteran reveals how Vince McMahon and Vince Russo are similar (Exclusive)

Vince Russo and McMahon were key to WWE
Vince Russo and McMahon were key to WWE's success during the Attitude Era.

WCW veteran Buff Bagwell recently explained how Vince Russo and WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon are similar to each other.

The chatter surrounding Mr. McMahon's stunning return to WWE hasn't died down. The 77-year-old stepped down from his position as the CEO and Chairman of the promotion last year in July amid several "hush money" allegations. However, McMahon's retirement didn't even last a year, as he's back to negotiate the company's upcoming media rights deal and a potential sale.

While discussing this topic with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Buff Bagwell pointed out how Vince McMahon was similar to Vince Russo. Bagwell recalled that when Russo joined WCW in 1999, he promised not to appear as an on-screen talent like previous people who were in control of the company.

"It reminded me of everyone that runs a company. When Vince Russo came into our company, his big thing was everybody here that runs this company it always goes to their heads. They try to become stars on their own shows. So Vince Russo, in the beginning, if you remember, he was never on TV. He had The Harris Brothers, the twins, he had them on camera, and it was Vince Russo's voice. He promised all the top guys that he would never be on TV," said Buff Bagwell. (9:12 - 9:48)

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Buff Bagwell on WWE veteran Vince Russo breaking his promise

Buff Bagwell added that within a few weeks, Vince Russo was all over TV, working alongside the nWo. Bagwell feels that both Russo and McMahon wanted to be in the limelight, which is why they went back on their word.

"From that first interview, it was a few weeks later, and he was all over TV, wearing the nWo shirt and beating everybody up. So he fell into the same trap he said he wouldn't fall into. So those guys, man, up there, I get it, they wanna be on TV, and they wanna be stars, also. Just like Vince, no different," Bagwell added. (9:12 - 10:10)
A new report from Fightful notes that Vince McMahon has been making “suggestions” as to what happens on WWE TV.WON also commented on the situation, saying Vince can give whatever input he wants, but the final decision comes down to Triple H.

Though rumors have suggested there's little chance of Vince McMahon taking over creative duties in WWE from Triple H, it remains to be seen how things will turn out.

What do you make of Buff Bagwell's comparison between former WWE writer Vince Russo and Vince McMahon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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