"Thinks mighty highly of himself" - Wrestling veteran criticizes Mustafa Ali claiming he has done absolutely nothing in the industry (Exclusive)

Mustafa Ali is currently competing as part of WWE
Mustafa Ali is currently competing as part of the WWE RAW brand.

Vince Russo recently criticized Mustafa Ali after one of his recent tweets at the high-flyer.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Legion of RAW, Russo claimed that Ali is a wrestler who hasn't done anything major in the professional wrestling industry but likes to think highly of himself.

ain’t no shame losing to the biggest and baddest dude on the roster. only shame would be not fighting back at all

Russo hinted that Mustafa Ali's demeanor on social media reflects the type of person he is in real life, especially around the WWE locker room.

"...just the tweet he sent my way, I could tell just by that tweet alone, 'Man, bro, this guy who has done absolutely nothing, thinks mighty highly of himself.' So that tells me, bro, that's the way he probably carries himself around the locker room. Thinking highly of himself and he's a great wrestler and nobody is going to teach him anything," said Russo. [34:15-34:56]

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Vince Russo previously criticized Mustafa Ali's face turn in WWE

Vince Russo was previously critical of Mustafa Ali's face turn, claiming that WWE didn't think it through.

Speaking on a previous edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo called out Ali for going after him on social media.

The wrestling veteran further questioned how the WWE star could switch to a babyface character after serving as the leader of an outlaw group. Russo said:

"Bro, the guy, I'm gonna say it again and Ali, you can DM all you want and call me a ho* and whatever names you want to call me. You can't go from the leader of a, what kind of group would you call RETRIBUTION? Were they RETRIBUTION? You can't go from the leader of an outlaw group to a babyface without months of television of seeing that transition."

Russo went on:

"Something has to happen for you to see the light, then you get sympathy from the people, you try to write your wrongs. Without any of that bro, the fact that you were the leader of that group, that was a massive fart in church. The only thing that's going to get that stank off of you is writing and storyline and I saw the light, I'm gonna redeem myself. That's the only way."

Mustafa Ali was recently in a feud with Seth Rollins on RAW. This past Friday on SmackDown, he lost to Ricochet in the SmackDown World Cup.

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