"The best advice he gave me was"- Top WWE Star shares a heartwarming story about John Cena

John Cena is a 16-time world champion!
John Cena is a 16-time world champion!

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens was full of praise for John Cena, detailing the latter's heart-touching gesture towards his son.

While KO and Cena are two of the most fierce rivals inside the squared circle, it is also no secret that Kevin's son is a big fan of the Hustle, Loyalty, Respect soldier. When Owens made his main roster debut in 2015 by confronting Cena on Raw, a video of his unsuspecting son watching the episode at home quickly went viral.

The Prizefighter revealed in a promotional video celebrating 20 years of Cena that the most important thing he has learned from the 16-time World Champion is how to be a WWE Superstar.

Kevin Owens also told a great story about the time his son got to meet his hero John Cena for the first time.

"The best advice he gave me was not the advice John gave me by voice, it's seeing John set an example as a WWE Superstar"- Owens said. "For example, when I first started in the company and we were having matches, I told him how big a fan my son was of him. I eventually had the opportunity to bring Owen [Kevin's son] to meet John, and John had a two-page handwritten letter for my son, which was incredible. To this day, it's one of his most cherished possessions." (from 1:31 to 2:06)

Kevin Owens shared another interesting story about John Cena

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Besides being a legend inside the squared circle, the Peacemaker star is a Renaissance man who has done countless selfless things for others.

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Kevin Owens went on to share another story about the 16-time World Champion where he sent a video to KO for his daughter's show and told at school:

"I had a show and tell at my daughter's school where we talked about career day and I was telling them about how I'm a WWE wrestler and of course it was like, 'did you ever fight John Cena?' 'I did,' and then snowballed into me trying to FaceTime him in front of the class. He [Cena] didn't answer but within an hour I was able to send a video for the class that he sent."- KO added (2:07 to 2:29)

Cena was last seen in WWE at SummerSlam last year where he took on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Fans are eagerly waiting for the Cenation leader to return to his old hunting ground in any capacity.

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