Triple H reveals he wants to keep 38-year-old star "for the rest of his career" after surprising return at WWE Money in the Bank

Triple H spoke following the Money in the Bank premium live event.
Triple H spoke following the Money in the Bank premium live event.

Triple H has disclosed that he wants to keep a recently returned WWE Superstar in the company for the rest of his career.

Gunther defended the Intercontinental Championship against Matt Riddle today at WWE Money in the Bank 2023 in London. The Original Bro gave it everything he had but The Ring General was simply too much for him. Gunther focused his attack on Riddle's injured ankle and won the match via submission after applying an Ankle Lock.

After the match, Drew McIntyre made his triumphant return to the company and confronted the champion in the ring as the crowd went insane. Drew has not appeared on WWE television since the Triple-Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 39.

Speaking at the press conference following Money in the Bank, Triple H claimed that McIntyre was just out with an injury, and the news of him having an issue with the company was incorrect.

"If Drew (McIntyre) had an issue, it is news to me. He just was out with an injury and getting some stuff fixed. While he was out, he had something else he wanted to get fixed, so we did it and here he is. He's an amazing performer, he is one of the highlight superstars in this timeframe, in this era. Thrilled to have him back and hopefully he's here for the rest of his career. That is how I feel about it," said Triple H. [43:06 - 43:36]

Triple H on the possibility of WWE hosting WrestleMania in London

John Cena made a surprise appearance today at WWE Money in the Bank and hinted that the company might be bringing WrestleMania to London in the future.

During the press conference following the premium live event, Triple H discussed the possibility of bringing WrestleMania to London. The Game joked that John Cena put him in a tough position following his promo at Money in the Bank.

"As far as WrestleMania goes, it is tough. I wish it was as easy as like 'man, that's phenomenal there, lets go!'. We'd be going to a lot of places. But I can say this, if you look at this year alone, 2023, four of the last five premium live events that we have done have been in international destinations," said Triple H. [From 35:44 - 36:11]

Triple H added that WWE is a global company, and there is always a possibility for WrestleMania to come to London down the line.

"Montreal, sold out, record sales. Puerto Rico, sold out, record sales. Saudi, sold out, record sales. London here, sold out, record sales. So that record bodes well for international. We are a global company. We intend to be global, so never say never," added Triple H. [From 36:23 - 36:45]

WWE will be heading back to the United States for SummerSlam in Detroit on August 5th. It will be interesting to see if Drew McIntyre challenges Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship next month after making his return today at Money in the Bank.

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