“There were meetings about it”- Trish Stratus believes moment in 2002 feud was the turning point for women in WWE

Which feud changed women's wrestling in WWE?
Which feud changed women's wrestling in WWE?

Trish Stratus named a moment in one of her feuds that she thinks has become the turning point for women's wrestling in WWE.

Although debatable, it's hard to deny the accomplishments Stratus has made inside the ring. Not only was she memorable because of the numerous titles she won through the years, but also because of her intense rivalries with the likes of Lita, Mickie James, and more.

While on Busted Open Podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked what moment she thought resulted in the company looking for more in the women's division. Stratus pointed out her chair shot with Victoria during their feud in 2002.

“Someone talked about the chair shot that Victoria and I did and it was like the chair shot like one simple chair shot and there were meetings about it, there were people discussing. I feel like that was the deal, we were kind of turning the corner.” [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Stratus became a Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, while Victoria, during her tenure with the company, captured the women's championship twice before leaving in 2009. Both are considered among the greatest female wrestlers of all time.

Trish Stratus recently considered WWE return because of former rival's success

One of WWE's most talked-about feuds is the one between Trish Stratus and Lita. The 2013 Hall of Famer even had her retirement match against the latter, where she defeated her to become a seven-time women's champion.

Despite their rivalry, Trish Stratus named her as the reason why she is interested in returning to the ring. She stated that Lita's success in the current generation and her recent involvement in a WWE Toronto event inspired her.

“Yeah, to be honest, it did [Lita's recent success inspiring her to return]. I was lucky, a couple of weeks later… the live event was so much fun because it was just after that and I got a chance to go back and it was in Toronto and in another town near me at home so I just drove in, took my kids and yeah, you get in there, you feel the energy of the crowd, you do some promos, you do some slapping and it’s just like, oh, it’s such — it’s good.”

Compared to the past, the women on WWE's roster are now getting more recognition. Over the last couple of weeks, it has been women who have main evented RAW.

Some of the biggest events, like WrestleMania, were headlined by women for the first time in 2019. All of this was made possible by the efforts of Trish Stratus and all the past women in the business. You can learn more about the Women's Revolution here.