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"You have to have thick skin" - Vickie Guerrero reveals if WWE treated her badly on purpose

Vickie Guerrero; Vickie Guerrero and Santina Marella
Vickie Guerrero; Vickie Guerrero and Santina Marella
Modified 19 Feb 2021

Vickie Guerrero's WWE run may not have always been the best, with the former WWE General Manager's involvement in several rather odd segments. However, she does not hold any grudges about that and looks at her on-screen moments as just being part of the business.

During her time in WWE, Vickie Guerrero took part in a number of rather embarrassing segments alongside her amazing heel run as part of La Familia with Edge. Be it the hog pen match, or other matches of a similar category, Vickie Guerrero was often humiliated during her time in WWE. However, at one point, she also got to be the one to throw Stephanie McMahon in a mud pit.

Vickie Guerrero was on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where she talked about her time in WWE. In one of the fan questions, Vickie Guerrero addressed whether she felt that WWE had treated her badly on purpose and if it had been difficult for her at the time.

The former WWE General Manager revealed that she felt that it had always been a part of the business. Vickie Guerrero had actually wanted to do most of the things she did when she was in WWE. She added that the pay was something that made up for a lot of what she went through as well.

"Um no. I know this is a business and it's a character I play. That's why I think I'm so funny backstage because I was so stressed out in the ring during that time. It's a business and I love the character that I am. A lot of it was things that I wanted to do. They never forced me to do anything. I have thick skin. You have to have thick skin in this business anyway. As I laughed to the bank, I was having a good time."

Vickie Guerrero reveals what Eddie Guerrero might have done if he retired from wrestling

Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero

The tragedy of Eddie Guerrero's passing is not one that wrestling fans have ever forgotten. The beloved WWE Superstar was one of the all-time favorites among the fans, with his "lie, cheat, and steal" gimmick.


However, he passed away long before anyone expected him to. Speaking of her husband, Vickie Guerrero mentioned what Eddie Guerrero might have done had he chosen to retire from wrestling.

"He wanted to open up his own wrestling school just before he passed away. I think he would have been a great agent. I think that would have been something he would have loved to have done - that is mentor a lot of the younger guys. I can see him being an actor because he was so entertaining."

Vickie Guerrero went on to become a part of WWE herself. She was an integral part of the roster as one of the best heel General Managers of all time.

Published 19 Feb 2021, 17:33 IST
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