[VIDEO] Stone Cold Steve Austin shows off intense workout amid rumors of a possible return to WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is looking fantastic!
WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin is looking fantastic!

The WWE Universe was elated last year when Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to the in-ring competition after 19 years to square off against Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred match. Now, a recent post on social media has fans buzzed, driving up rumors of a return to WWE, and just in time for WrestleMania season!

Recently, Stone Cold showed off an intense workout on his Instagram profile, sparking some to question if he is gearing up for a potential return. The video is one of many clips posted by Stone Cold, as the Texan documents his road to peak physical fitness.

"Morning hotel arm workout. I walk at a slow clip on treadmill between sets just for the steps. Got it done in an hour. Borrowed a tricep movement from @realmattwenning page and bicep movement from @athleanx page," Stone Cold Steve Austin captioned on Instagram.

The recent post garnered a ton of reactions from both the Combat Sports and Professional Wrestling world.

SmackDown ring announcer Samantha commented on "(GOAT) Behavior," Kickboxing star Liam Harrison stated that the legend looked "more shredded now" than his "wrestling prime," and BT Sport's Chamatkar Sandhu noted that Stone Cold looked "WrestleMania Ready."

Stone Cold commented on questions from WWE fans regarding his possible return on Instagram in November

As noted above, this is not the first workout video that Stone Cold has posted, with the Texas Rattlesnake sharing multiple clips over the past few weeks and months. In a post in November, Stone Cold addressed rumors of his workouts signaling a return to WWE.

Austin claimed that the videos have nothing to do with a potential comeback, noting that he was tired of "looking like sh*t." With that said, the legend did not directly refute the rumors either, leaving the door open for a possible return down the road.

"People have been speculating ‘Hey Steve, what are you doing? What are you training for? You training for an event?’ You can speculate what you want, I just looked in the mirror and realised that I looked like sh*t, so I called my diet coach up. As far as bodyweight goes, probably sub 232 [lbs] the leanest I’ve been in sh*t, forever. Anyway that’s the bottom line, I just got tired of, I looked in the mirror and I looked like sh*t. Got tired of looking like sh*t, so I’m taking action to do something about it," said Steve Austin. [H/T Insidetheropes]

In November 2022, reports began circulating that the Hall of Famer was incredibly pleased with how WrestleMania 38 went and that he would consider doing more matches in WWE. However, it was noted that Stone Cold and the company were "far apart" in terms of a deal.

Stone Cold Steve Austin played a major role at WrestleMania 38, both main eventing Night 1 against the Prizefighter Kevin Owens and assisting WWE commentator Pat McAfee during his skirmish with Vince McMahon and Austin Theory during the Night 2 of Show of Shows.

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