"No experience as a writer" – Wrestling veteran blasts Triple H for a dismal episode of Monday Night RAW (Exclusive)

Triple H is a former 14-time World Champion in WWE
Triple H is a former 14-time World Champion in WWE

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo was irate with Triple H after watching this week's episode of RAW.

Hunter has taken the reins of the creative team in WWE ever since Vince McMahon retired in July. Since then, the Cerebral Assassin has managed to win back numerous fans as viewership for both RAW and SmackDown has gradually increased. One of the major trends of Triple H's management style is the return of several talents that were released during the McMahon regime.

In the latest Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW episode, Russo mentioned that Hunter had a good work ethic but lacked experience as a writer. The wrestling veteran detailed that The Game was a wrestler back in the day and booked the shows with the same mindset which was hampering the development of new storylines on both brands.

"Triple H is not lazy. That's one thing Triple H is, he's not lazy. He's a hard worker. He's got the same Vince McMahon work ethic. I'm not saying any of that at all. He's a wrestler, he's putting on a wrestling show. That's what this is. He's got no experience as a writer, he doesn't know how to develop characters nor storylines. So he's putting on a one hundred percent bonafide wrestling show because he is a wrestler." [13:30 - 14:03]

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Vince Russo feels Triple H is enjoying the adulation of fans

During the discussion, Russo detailed that the 14-time Champion was enjoying positive feedback from hardcore fans. He detailed that the surprise returns got people talking and Hunter was basking in that glory.

"Bro, I think the adulation of the marks superceded it all. He wants to be loved by that fanbase. He wants the fanbase to tell him how over he is, how great he is, and tell him, 'Thank you so much for Johnny Gargano.' He's reveling in that, bro. That casual fans, they're forgotten." [14:42 - 15:05]
One month ago today it was announced that Triple H would officially take over creative in WWE.How would you rate his first month in control of WWE on a scale of 1-10?

Russo maintained that the show was no longer being written with the casual fans in mind.

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