WWE RAW Results: Kevin Owens possibly breaks top star's nose; Huge title change - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (September 12, 2022)

We got a hard-hitting episode of WWE RAW tonight with a big title change and a great main event!
We got a hard-hitting episode of WWE RAW tonight with a big title change and a great main event!

Former Universal Champion Seth Rollins kicked off RAW and was celebrating his win over Riddle at Clash at the Castle. Rollins said that Riddle had asked for a rematch, but there was no way Seth would agree to it. Riddle rushed out and attacked Rollins in the ring before the two headed into the crowd.

Rollins managed to outrun Riddle and run away, but as Riddle was on his way out after him, Judgment Day came out and stopped him. Balor and Damian offered Riddle a spot on their team, but Riddle refused him, saying that he was focused on Rollins for now.

Balor reminded him that refusal meant that they would be enemies before Riddle hit him with a knee strike and sent Damian out of the ring before we headed for a break on RAW.

WWE RAW Results (September 12th, 2022): Riddle vs. Finn Balor

The match was underway during the break and when we returned to RAW, Riddle got a Broton on Balor for an early near fall. Finn got in control after taking Riddle down off the ropes and put his boot to the former tag champ's throat.

Riddle was being stomped on on the apron but managed to counter a big move and dropped Balor on the outside. Riddle hit a big springboard move to the outside, taking out both Priest and Balor before trying for the pin in the ring.

Priest got up on the apron and ran a distraction, allowing Balor to hit the 1916. Riddle was about to be pinned but Rey Mysterio attacked Priest at ringside and chased him off into the crowd.

Riddle got some big moves off the distraction but Balor sent him down into the corner. Riddle dodged the Coupe de Grace and hit the draping DDT before trying for the RKO but Rollins ran a distraction. Balor took Riddle down and hit the Coupe de Grace before getting the win.

Result: Finn Balor def. Riddle

After the match, Rollins hit a stomp on Riddle before telling him to just give up.

Grade: B

Dominik Mysterio was in a short promo and said that he was going to finish what he started by paying Edge back for the disrespect. Dom said that he was done living under his dad's shadow and we saw Rhea Ripley whisper something into his ear before he got up and left.

Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah (c) vs. Damage CTRL - Women's Tag Team Title match on RAW

Raquel and Dakota kicked off the match and Rodriguez got a stalling vertical suplex before tagging Aliyah in. Aliyah got some big moves in before Raquel came in and sent both members of Damage CTRL outside before tossing Aliyah at them.

Back after a break, Raquel and Sky sent each other outside before Aliyah got a pin on Dakota but Bayley put Kai's foot on the ropes to break the count. Raquel chased after Bayley before Sky came in with a moonsault to the outside, taking Rodriguez out. Kai hit a lungblower in the ring and rolled Aliyah up for the win.

Result: Damage CTRL def. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions

Grade: B+

Rey Mysterio was backstage and tried to talk Dominik out of his match with Edge but Rhea Ripley came and took him away.

Johnny Gargano vs. Chad Gable on RAW

Gable had things under control early on and got a submission move locked in but Gargano reversed it into a headlock. Gable was sent outside and Gargano hit a senton from the apron before we headed for a break.

Back on RAW, Gable tried for the Ankle Lock but Johhny Wrestling got out of it and they traded rollups. Otis tried to interfere but got kicked in the face from the apron before getting the slingshot DDT in the ring for the win.

Result: Johnny Gargano def. Chad Gable

Gargano was on his way out when Austin Theory attacked him from behind with the Money in the Bank briefcase, took a selfie, and headed to the ring.

Grade: B-

Austin Theory was in the ring when we returned from a break and called Johnny Gargano a bottom-feeding nobody. Kevin Owens was out next to interrupt him and Theory was furious.

Owens said that Austin had everything handed to him and that he would eventually 'fizzle out' while guys like KO and Gargano would always be relevant and were the 'heart and soul' of WWE.

WOAH. @FightOwensFight just ripped into @_Theory1 on the 🎤!!!#WWERaw

The two got into a yelling match before Owens clocked him in the face and a brawl broke out. A large number of referees and officials came out to separate the two and when they did so, Austin was seen bleeding from his possibly broken nose.

Bianca Belair was out next and put out an open challenge. It was answered by Sonya Deville from SmackDown. She accused Belair of getting her fired as a backstage official.

🚨 @SonyaDevilleWWE has answered #WWERaw Women's Champion @BiancaBelairWWE's Open Challenge! 🚨

Bianca Belair (c) vs Sonya Deville - RAW Women's Championship match

Belair got a near fall off a gutbuster early on before Deville took her down in the corner and unloaded on her with kicks. Belair came back with a dropkick and a suplex before getting a near fall off a moonsault.

Deville dodged a moonsault and sent Belair into the announcers' desk outside. Back in the ring, Deville kicked the champ in the face before getting a missile dropkick for a near fall. Sonya tried for the inverted DDT but Belair countered into the KOD for the win.

Result: Bianca Belair def. Sonya Deville and retained the RAW Women's Championship

#AndStill #WWERaw Women's Champion!@BiancaBelairWWE prevails against @SonyaDevilleWWE in an Open Challenge.

Grade: B

Bayley came out after the match and told Belair that she and her group would soon control the whole division. Bayley bragged about beating her before teasing a future title match, but 'when the time is right'.

The rest of Damage CTRL showed up and cornered Bianca, taking her out. Asuka and Alexa Bliss came out and took down Kai and Sky before they cornered Bayley in the ring. Bayley got taken out and was sent outside before Asuka, Bliss, and Belair celebrated in the ring.

Omos vs. Promotional Talent - Handicap Match on RAW

Omos took on some local talent and ran through them like a truck. He shrugged off all offense from one of the guys before sending the other into the ring post. Omos stacked the two opponents with a slam and pinned them with one foot.

Result: Omos def. Promotional Talent

Grade: C

Backstage, Seth Rollins challenged Bobby Lashley to a match for the United States Championship next week on RAW.

Sounds like @WWERollins finally gets his championship match next week on #WWERaw!

We saw an interview from earlier in which The Miz said he was still very concerned about Dexter Lumis. He didn't want to talk about it or even say his name. Also, Lumis was inside his house.

Awwww, he made a sketch for @mikethemiz and @MaryseMizanin 🥺#WWERaw #WWE

Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio on RAW

Edge was in control early on and took him down early on with a lariat before taking him outside and tossing him into the barricades. Dom was sent into the steel steps before Ripley dropped him from the apron.

After a break on RAW, Dominik got some big suplexes in but was caught on the ropes before another assist from Rhea blocked the superplex. Dom got the splash for a near fall before he was sent head-first into the steel ring post.

Dominik went after Edge's injured knee before taking the impaler DDT. Edge set up for the spear but it was reversed into a half crab on the injured leg. The hold was broken before Edge strung Dom up on the ropes and hammered away at his head.

Result: DNF

Rey Mysterio came out to stop Edge but Damian Priest dragged him outside and dropped him on the announcers' desk. Balor came in and speared Edge before Rhea Ripley came in with a steel chair and handed it to Dominik.

Dom attacked the injured leg of Edge with the chair before Balor hit a Coupe de Grace on the knee wrapped with a chair. The Judgment Day were posing with the injured Hall of Famer as RAW went off the air.

Grade: A

Episode rating: A

We got a great show tonight between Kevin Owens breaking Austin Theory's nose and Damage CTRL becoming the new Women's Tag Team Champions. Dominik Mysterio's heel turn resulted in some great moments tonight, leading up to a pretty decent main event.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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