Vince Russo says popular SmackDown star isn't WWE Championship material despite trusting him (Exclusive)

The ex-WWE writer doesn
Russo is a renowned wrestling personality

Vince Russo is a big fan of SmackDown star and three-time world champion Bray Wyatt. However, on the latest episode of Writing with Russo, Russo explained why he feels Wyatt isn't WWE Championship material.

Bray Wyatt has had an interesting month-and-a-half since his return to WWE. While most of his current run has seen him fight what appears to be his demons, he recently had a confrontation with fellow SmackDown star Max Dupri.

Vince Russo spoke about CM Punk's potential return to WWE on the latest episode of Writing with Russo, suggesting the company needs him as he feels they lack top stars. He said that while he trusts Bray Wyatt's character process, he doesn't think that it's WWE Championship material:

"They need him [CM Punk] bro. There's nobody on top. You got Bray [Wyatt] and Bray is great, but with the Uncle Howdy stuff, and I totally trust Bray, but that's not WWE Champion material. (5:09 - 5:25)

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Why Vince Russo thinks Bray Wyatt will find it hard to succeed in his WWE return

As mentioned before, Vince Russo is a big fan of Bray Wyatt. He considers him to be smarter than most people in WWE's creative. However, that may not always be a good thing, per the former head writer.


On a previous episode of Writing with Russo, the ex-WWE writer noted that Bray Wyatt's intelligence could be detrimental to him:

"From what I understand, Bray [Wyatt] is working with another writer who had worked on his movie with him. I like the sound of that because I know when it concerns Bray Wyatt it's going to get to a level that other people cannot comprehend. And here's what happens in wrestling - once they get to a level that they can't comprehend, all of a sudden, they feel very insecure because now you're smarter than them. They don't like that, bro. They don't like when a wrestler is smarter to them." (1:48 - 2:34)

Do you agree with Russo's take? Is Bray Wyatt still WWE Championship material? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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