Vince Russo says WWE "needs" controversial 8-time world champion to return (Exclusive)

The ex-WWE writer thinks the former world champion will be put under a testing period
Vince Russo (left), Top WWE executives (right)

On the latest episode of Writing with Russo, Vince Russo discussed the possibility of 8-time world champion CM Punk's return to WWE. He also revealed why he felt the company needed him back.

Although Vince Russo's opinion is one many might disagree with, CM Punk was undoubtedly a difference-maker for AEW in his first year. Punk has won five world titles in WWE (six if you include the ECW Championship), two in AEW, and one with ROH, making him an 8-time world champion.

However, he has become a controversial figure since the summer of 2022 after he was involved in the AEW "Brawl Out" - a backstage altercation that is increasingly looking to be the end of his stint in All Elite Wrestling.

Vince Russo told Dr. Chris Featherstone on Writing with Russo that CM Punk would likely be given a "testing period" by WWE if he returns, one that he wouldn't like:

"I don't know bro, because I would be certain that if they ever did accept [CM] Punk back, they're going to go through the 'testing period'. The only problem with that is that Punk is not a child. Punk is a veteran. Punk has money. I don't see Punk standing for the testing period, I don't. I don't think he'd want to go back to the WWE and go through their initiation. I don't see him wanting to do that." (4:11 - 4:54)

Russo stated that CM Punk would only return if he was sure that no testing period would happen. He added that WWE likely needs Punk's services at the moment.

"The only way I see him coming back is if he is convinced that's not going to happen. And I think they should convince him that it's not going to happen because I think they need him, bro!" (4:55 - 5:09)

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Vince Russo revealed how he would have handled CM Punk's AEW fallout differently

As mentioned above, CM Punk's backstage altercation with a few of AEW's top stars led to long-drawn-out suspensions for all parties involved, as well as the firing of Ace Steel.


A few weeks after the infamous backstage skirmish, Vince Russo said that if he was a consultant backstage, this is how he would have handled it:

"They are hot, nothing is going to happen in my time, let cooler heads prevail tomorrow, you need to leave the building.' I would have security stay with him till he packed his bags, gather Larry and leave the building. The only one let cooler heads prevail was, thank God hangman page had left. I don't know from Adam. I will put security with Punk and put him out of the building and deal with this tomorrow." (2:00 - 2:47)

The Second City Saint was forced to drop his world title following the All Out exchange. Moreover, his future in AEW looks uncertain.

Do you agree with the former WWE writer's opinion? Does the company need CM Punk? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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