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Vince Russo shares honest opinions on Brodie Lee not getting the ten-bell salute on RAW (Exclusive)

RAW began with a graphic of Brodie Lee.
RAW began with a graphic of Brodie Lee.
Modified 29 Dec 2020, 11:50 IST

WWE paid tribute to Brodie Lee, fka Luke Harper, with a graphic to open this week's Monday Night RAW. Several WWE Superstars paid homage to the former Intercontinental Champion throughout the RAW episode.

However, unlike a few other deceased wrestlers who got ten-bell salutes - with Pat Patterson being a recent example, Brodie Lee wasn't given the honor on RAW. A former WWE Superstar wasn't too pleased with the company's RAW tribute, and several fans have also voiced their displeasure on social media after the latest RAW episode.

On the latest edition of SK Wrestling's Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo spoke about the confusion surrounding the ten-bell salute in professional wrestling.

Vince Russo wasn't sure about how the decision is made about who gets the ten-bell salute and who does not.

"You know, one thing, I swear, Chris. No one really talks about things like this, but these are things we need to talk about, okay. How do we determine who gets a ten-bell salute and who doesn't? That really bothers me because you always hear wrestlers talk about, 'Oh, we are a family. We're a fraternity. How do you decide who gets the ten-bell and who doesn't? We know that the great Pat Patterson passed away a couple of weeks ago. Pat got the ten-bell salute. Luke Harper gets a, you know, a photo. Chyna got a photo. I never understood this."

Just do the ten-bell: Vince Russo on WWE's Brodie Lee tribute on RAW and the tell-bell salute

Vince Russo explained that wrestlers often tout the wrestling community as a tight-knit fraternity. Being a pro wrestler is a unique accomplishment as many people don't get the chance to have a career in the niche industry.


Russo couldn't grasp the situation about the requirements that warrant a ten-bell salute. According to Russo, every notable performer should be given a ten-bell salute as it doesn't even take a lot of time. Russo said that WWE could even pre-tape the segment and edit it before the show starts.

"This really is a tight-knit community, a fraternity. There aren't a lot of people that can say, 'I was a professional wrestler for a living. I made money wrestling.' I have a problem with that it doesn't take a long time. So, how do we decipher who gets what? This guy is worthy of a ten-bell, and that guy is not worthy? I never understood it. Just do the ten bell. Do it. If they are in the fraternity. Even if they worked for you at one time, just do it. It doesn't take a lot of time. You can even pre-record it before the show even starts. Just roll it in and then get right into the show. But, how do you decipher who gets that and who doesn't?"

Chris Featherstone added that it is probably a 'rank thing' in the WWE as you have to be at a particular spot or level in the company to get a ten-bell salute on RAW, SmackDown, or NXT. Vince Russo felt that it's the wrong approach.

Russo added:

"Those guys and girls, they sacrificed their lives for wrestling. They sacrificed their families. They are on the road. They really, really make sacrifices. When they leave us, I mean, come on, bro, just do it for everybody."

Featherstone and Russo also spoke about Danny Hodge - who also passed away this week at the age of 88 - not getting the recognition or a mention on RAW. Russo said that veterans such as Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco spoke highly of Danny Hodge when Russo was still in the WWE in the 90s. Russo said that the old-timers became like ten-year-old kids when talking about the legendary Danny Hodge.

Russo ended his comment about ten-bell salutes with the following:

"We can't pick and choose that. Just do it, man. Life's too short; just do it."

Do you agree with Vince Russo on the ten-bell salute in wrestling and WWE's Brodie Lee tribute on RAW?

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Published 29 Dec 2020, 11:50 IST
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