Vince Russo wants 8-time world champion to win the Royal Rumble instead of Cody Rhodes (Exclusive)

The American Nightmare is rumored to be returning this January
The American Nightmare is rumored to be returning this January

Vince Russo recently discussed Cody Rhodes' return to WWE and the potential of it happening at the 2023 Royal Rumble. However, he also detailed how he wants CM Punk to return and win the 30-man match in January.

8-time world champion CM Punk is still in hot water after the AEW 'Brawl Out.' While things have certainly calmed down since the summer, most fans assume that the incident will be the end of Punk's current run despite no legal action having been taken against him.

As for Cody Rhodes, the former AEW star is expected to return at the 2023 Royal Rumble, with some considering him the favorite to win the men's match.

On the latest episode of Writing with Russo, Russo said that he thinks Cody Rhodes should return at number 29 at the Royal Rumble. He added that CM Punk should return at number 30 to "screw" The American Nightmare.

"Bro if it were me, I swear to god, I'll tell you exactly what I would do. And nobody ever does what I would do. I would return Cody Rhodes at the Royal Rumble at number 29 and I would bring CM Punk in at number 30. And what I would do is have Punk somehow, some way, screw Cody." (5:47 - 6:13)

Vince Russo believes CM Punk should return as a heel because of the heat he has with many wrestling fans:

"And I would have him come in as a heel. He's got a little steam on him right now as a heel, with that niche crowd. Let him [Punk] go all the way with it. Then you'll make Cody a stronger babyface. Because I don't believe Cody Rhodes is a 100% clear-cut white bread babyface, but if you really bring in a heel Punk? Now you got two legitimate guys that could be the champion. And as a matter of fact bro, maybe they carry out that feud all the way to WrestleMania - the winner gets [Roman] Reigns. "(6:14 - 6:56)

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Why does everybody assume Cody Rhodes is winning the 2023 Royal Rumble Match?

The consensus among fans seems to be that Cody Rhodes will return in time for a surprise spot in the 2023 Royal Rumble. Although rumors still indicate that WWE is planning for Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 39, many hope that Rhodes will be the one to dethrone Reigns. The Tribal Chief will have reached 975 days as the Universal Champion by April if he remains undefeated.

@CodyRhodes I would be the happiest man in the world if you won the Royal Rumble 2023.GREETINGS FROM CHILE ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฑ.

The timing of Rhodes' injury and recovery seems to fit perfectly with a Royal Rumble return. Hence, it's hard to imagine WWE not capitalizing on him for the Road to WrestleMania, especially given his incredible run between April and June 2022.

If Rhodes returns at the Royal Rumble, he is undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the bout and secure a prominent spot on the WrestleMania card.

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