"USA Network was not happy" - Vince Russo on WWE RAW ratings last year [Exclusive] 

Vince Russo says USA Network weren't happy with RAW ratings last year
Vince Russo says USA Network weren't happy with RAW ratings last year

It's no secret that the ratings for WWE RAW have been lackluster for months now. The company repeatedly tries to fix this situation, but any ratings bumps have proven to be temporary. Beyond these poor viewership numbers, former WWE writer Vince Russo shared his belief that USA Network wasn't happy with the ratings last year.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's Legion of RAW, Russo argued that using RETRIBUTION and RAW Underground, two of the latest attempts to fix the red brand, to help the ratings must have been a "rib."

"I know for a fact, go back a year ago, USA Network was not happy with the performance of the show," said Russo. "You know what were the two things they pitched to the USA Network that was going to be huge - RETRIBUTION and RAW Underground. When I heard about this... that's got to be a rib, teling USA Network those things were going to save the show."


Vince Russo says WWE is wasting Mace and T-BAR

Mace and T-Bar in WWE
Mace and T-Bar in WWE

Russo also shared his thoughts on the fact that Mace and T-BAR came up short in tag team action against the Lucha House Party. He stated that the duo, who had been trained in the Performance Center, shouldn't be jobbed out on RAW because this booking is wasting the effort and money WWE had invested in them.

"Think about the money that was invested in them the whole time they were in NXT," said Russo. "Think about that. Think about that investment. You could put anyone, you could put two jabronis in that spot. Why would you waste all this money for those two guys to go through NXT?"

On this week's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo also slammed WWE's 50-50 booking. You can read about that HERE.

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