Watch: Quetzalli Bulnes breaks silence in an emotional message after controversial WWE release

Quetzalli Bulnes was released by WWE a few days ago
Quetzalli Bulnes was released by WWE a few days ago

Quetzalli Bulnes has confirmed her release from WWE, courtesy of a TikTok video that was recently posted by her.

A few days ago, it was noted that the Spanish announcer's incident with YouTuber Falbak at a WWE Live Event led to her release. The incident was described as scary.

In her emotional TikTok video, Bulnes spoke briefly about her drinking and also promoted her Mexican CBD brand:

“I do not work in the place I used to do hosting work for 4 years,” Bulnes said. “I want to say that it has been a tough trip in which I stopped myself from drinking, go out, or prevent myself from feeling all the emotions. I have to accept that I feel sad and I am a little lost. I don’t know where I am going. Despite the fact I don’t want to drink, I accept that I would my product, Ra [Mexican CBD Brand Terragia]. It has Cocoa to help with depression in sad moments. We start now, I will be telling you everything. said Bulnes. (H/t Fightful for the transcription.)"

Check out the video below:

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Dave Meltzer recently explained Quetzalli Bulnes' WWE release

The WWE release of Quetzalli Bulnes was recently explained by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer.

Meltzer noted that the incident involving Bulnes and Falbak angered numerous fans who were in attendance at the WWE house show in Mexico.

Byron Saxton was also present in the ring alongside Bulnes when the incident took place and called security. Meltzer said:

"There was a scary incident that angered some fans in attendance. Quetzalli Bulnes, host of WWE Ahora on YouTube, wanted to give an unplanned spot on the show to one of her friends, a wrestling YouTuber from Spain named Falbak, who was in ringside. Falbak jumped the barricade after Quetzalli encouraged him to do so. Byron Saxton called security to catch him, but Quetzalli ordered them not to do anything to him. Byron Saxton's face was one of fear and then of anger with Quetzalli for this situation of which he, clearly, had no knowledge."

During her time with WWE, Bulnes interviewed numerous superstars on WWE Espanol's official Instagram page, including the likes of Raquel Gonzalez, Roxanne Perez, and several others.

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