"We trying to do stuff that's never been done before" - Jey Uso reveals possible plans when Jimmy Uso returns to WWE (Exclusive)

Jey and Jimmy Uso
Jey and Jimmy Uso
Anirban Banerjee

Jimmy Uso has been absent from television for a long time now. Speaking about his brother's return to WWE television, Jey Uso talked about the goals he wants to achieve when Jimmy eventually returns.

Having suffered a leg injury at WrestleMania 36, Jimmy Uso has only appeared to support his brother on occasions. During his interview with SK Wrestling's Rick Ucchino, Jey Uso revealed his brother could return soon.

Since Jimmy Uso's return is in the offing, Jey talked about some of the ideas he has for them. He spoke about them being the Tag Team Champions while simultaneously holding other titles β€” be it the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, the WWE Championship, or even the Universal Championship.

Jey also mentioned that they could compete against each other as well, showing the world what they are capable of.

"Why can't it be like, why can't we be IC title, US Champ, and the tag team champs? Why can't we be WWE Champ, Universal Champ, and the tag team champs with my brother, uce? You know, like we got a lot, we got a lot left, man. We trying to do stuff that's never been done before. I can't wait bro. You ever seen two tag team champs go at it against each other for the tag team championships? Twins at that? Like I don't know. Sky's the limit, uce. My favorite dream match would be against my brother. I want to showcase to the whole world what we can do. Man, there's twins. There's two of them in here. Come on man, uce."

Readers can watch Jey Uso's full interview with Sportskeeda here.


Jey Uso on if he would ever split up from Jimmy Uso in WWE

Jey Uso revealed that he would never want to split up from his brother. He said that the two of them have always wanted to be the best tag team in the company. Jey brought up their talents while also mentioning their ability to rap battle, besides wrestling. Jey Uso reiterated that the purpose of The Usos was to simply be the best tag team in the business.

"I never want to split from my brother, it's never been in my vision at all. The main goal was to become the best tag team in the game, man. Like you said, promos and wrestling. All that bruh. You ever seen a tag team that can do rap battles, bro? Like come on bro. We deaded them on the rap battles. Street Profits can step up on the microphone too and get deaded too. It's whatever y'all wanna do, it's whatever you wanna do. We're gonna be the best tag team, period."

The Usos have been a force in the company for a long time now. Throughout their run in the company, the pair have dominated the tag team division. Currently, Jey Uso is supporting his cousin, Roman Reigns, in his feud against Edge.

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