Former WWE employee slams RAW announcer Kevin Patrick for dismal performance (Exclusive)

Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick are part of the RAW announce team
Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick are part of the RAW announce team

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently called out RAW announcer Kevin Patrick for a low-energy performance on commentary.

Kevin Patrick was one of the backstage interviewers for WWE. He recently joined the RAW announcement team alongside Corey Graves. He also serves as the co-host for the weekly podcast After the Bell.

On the latest Legion of RAW, Russo was irate with Patrick for not showing energy during the opening of the show. He recalled how Jim Ross would passionately start the show with his commentary, which also got the fans excited for the episode.

"This guy, I don't even know his name. Whatever, Dana Patrick? I don't even know his name. This guy opens up the show with such low, boring energy. This is why I'm so tired of the excuses. What's the excuse that this guy can't be excited about opening up this show? [From 5:53- 6:27]

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Vince Russo recalled how Jim Ross did a great job during the WWE Attitude Era

During the show, Russo also spoke about his time with the company. He gave huge props to legendary announcer Jim Ross, who served on the WWE commentary team during the Attitude Era.

Russo detailed that JR would call the action with so much excitement and enthusiasm that it also prompted fans to tune in every week.

"I'm begging anybody, anybody, go watch a show from the Attitude Era and listen to JR open a show. He is so excited, so over the top. He wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world. We don't know what we're gonna see tonight." [From 5:28 - 5:50]
WWE announces new commentary teamsRaw: Kevin Patrick and Corey GravesSmackDown: Michael Cole and Wade BarrettNXT: Vic Joseph and Booker T

The WWE announcement team has definitely taken a hit after the company released RAW announcer Jimmy Smith. The popular SmackDown announcer Pat McAfee also moved out to pursue an opportunity with ESPN.

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