"Who are you?"- John Cena's blunt message to 6-time women's champion

Becky Lynch recalls going to John Cena for advice
Becky Lynch recalls going to John Cena for advice

As per the RAW Women's Champion, John Cena once flat-out told Becky Lynch that he doesn't know who she is.

Becky Lynch was a guest on the latest edition of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. Big Time Becks candidly spoke about the highs and lows of her illustrious career and shared some intriguing stories as well.

Lynch recalled seeking advice from WWE veteran John Cena back when she was the SmackDown Women's Champion.

The 16-time World Champion didn't mince his words while letting her know that she didn't really have a proper identity on WWE TV.

Cena straight-out asked Lynch who she was, implying that she had yet to carve a concrete identity for herself on the WWE roster.

Check out the full comment below:

"I used to always ask John Cena for advice. And when I asked him, he said, "I don't know who you are," He's like, "Who are you?" And I said, "Well, yeah I'm Becky." Like, but they know who I am, obviously I wouldn't say this to him, but they know who I am, they're chanting my name.
"But, he was right. I didn't know who I was. Like, I didn't know, apart from being Becky. The Irish Lasskicker. What the hell was The Irish Lasskicker, because I would always get my lass kicked. So I didn't know, and I didn't really have an identity, I was searching for that, and I was the little scrappy underdog from Ireland, but it wasn't immediately establishable," said Lynch.

John Cena has quite a unique way of giving advice to fellow superstars

John Cena has had a long and legendary career in WWE and has helped a long list of co-workers along the way. Cena is a seasoned veteran who can sense if someone has the potential to make it big and doesn't shy away from being blunt to them.

Similar to the above-mentioned incident with Becky Lynch, Cena didn't hold back while talking to WWE legend Big Show about his fitness goals.

Big Show once joked about working towards getting six-pack abs. Cena responded with a sarcastic comment that motivated the former WCW star.

While talking to Cena, Big Show jokingly said, who would want to see a giant with abs. Cena stared blankly at Show and said, "Yeah, a giant with abs, who would want to see that."

Big Show later said that Cena's comment pierced through him and lit a fire under him that made him work towards getting a six-pack.


It has been quite a while since Cena made Becky Lynch ponder what her identity in WWE was. She is quite possibly the biggest female WWE Superstar today. What do you think of Lynch's rise to the top over the past four years?

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