"WTF they still in WWE", "They're main event talent" - Wrestling fans blast Triple H for recent booking of popular former champions

WWE CCO Triple H has brought back many wrestlers
WWE CCO Triple H has brought back many wrestlers

Triple H receives a ton of praise from fans on account of engineering the returns of many beloved former WWE Superstars to the company. However, he also gets a bit of criticism for the treatment of some of these wrestlers. They include The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Upon return to WWE in 2022 during AJ Styles' feud with The Judgment Day, many felt this time around, things would be different. However, despite some interesting segments here and there, the duo have largely floundered.

A rivalry between The Phenomenal One and Roman Reigns was teased many months ago, with the involvement of The OC and The Bloodline. But plans may have been scrapped after Styles himself disappeared from television altogether.

Gallows and Anderson recently returned, wrestling Bobby Lashley and Angelo Dawkins in a losing effort at a live event in Newark, New Jersey. The WWE Universe took to Instagram to blast the company for the booking of the once compelling and dynamic tag team:

Here's a clip from the aforementioned tag team contest:

Check out fan reactions to the return of The Good Brothers:

Fan reactions
Fan reactions

There were some who even expressed an interest to see Bobby Lashley win another world title. The All Mighty's last reign was back in 2021, which ended at the hands of Big E when the latter cashed in Money in the Bank on the September 13 edition of WWE RAW.

Some also feel that a feud between Lashley's new faction and The OC could be the direction the company is heading.

The Good Brothers express gratitude to former WWE Champion

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have previously disclosed that their return to the global juggernaut is predominantly for AJ Styles. The first-ballot future Hall of Famer, according to the two, is the reason their popularity surged in America.

While speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Karl Anderson spoke about Styles' involvement with The Bullet Club in New Japan and how the veteran brought his fans to the stable:

"I have to give credit to, uh, we all were working very hard at it, but, I think when AJ Styles, his contract was up with IMPACT at the time, or whatever it was, and he ended up coming over to New Japan, and they put him with us in The Bullet Club, and AJ brought his own fans that followed him, and the people that knew how great he was, and that definitely helped bring us into America," Karl Anderson said.

After being written off television in early September, AJ Styles was heavily rumored to be front in line to face "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, possibly at a major event like Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, for the veteran, it seems the company has other plans.

Do you think Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles , and a faction war between The Bloodline and The OC, could still happen in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below!

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