WWE confirms that both Money in the Bank Ladder Matches will take place simultaneously

Money in the Bank will be another unique WWE PPV.
Money in the Bank will be another unique WWE PPV.

It looks like this year's Money in the Bank will have many firsts attached to it. Not only will it be the first such match to take place at WWE HQ, but it will do so because of the inability to allow crowds to the arenas for events. But another wrinkle was added on SmackDown as it was confirmed during the broadcast that both the Men's and Women's Ladder Matches would be taking place at the same time.What will truly happen?

Most unique Money In The Bank PPV

This year's PPV will truly be unique for the reasons mentioned above. WWE has pulled off some of its best programming when it has been forced into a corner. When a good portion of the roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel last year, the NXT Invasion helped WWE pull off one of the most intriguing episodes of SmackDown of all time. Adam Cole bested Daniel Bryan while the likes of Rhea Ripley, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee all made a presence.

Without the ability for live audiences, WWE has continued to run its weekly shows and PPVs. WrestleMania was spread out over two nights and it helped produce two of the most interesting matches of all time. The Boneyard Match and the Firefly Funhouse Match were two of the most intriguing and successful productions the WWE has ever put forth.

This year's Money In The Bank Ladder matches are almost set as Otis and Carmella qualified from tonight's SmackDown.

Being forced to call many audibles has caused Creative to think outside of the box. While some of the results have been mixed, it has offered us up some content that is extremely different than what WWE usually puts out. How will this alteration of a WWE staple come across? Will it be a success like the two cinematic matches at WrestleMania 36?

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