"Bad for the industry" - WWE Hall of Famer on Nick Gage's wrestling style 

Nick Gage
Nick Gage
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Nick Gage, who recently dropped the CGW Championship to Matt Cordona earlier this week, will be making his AEW debut in a No DQ match against Chris Jericho.

Former WCW President and WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff is apparently no fan of AEW's Nick Gage, calling the Deathmatch expert's chosen style of performing "bad for the industry."

“I just don’t think that kind of thing [works]. Number one, it doesn’t interest me, that style of wrestling. I think it’s bad for the industry in general, I think it appeals to such a small portion of the audience that a larger portion of the audience is turned off by it," Bischoff said.

"That’s my subjective taste" - Eric Bischoff

While making his comments on the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff made sure to clarify his thoughts on Nick Gage as his own subjective viewpoint and opinion.

"I recognize that that’s my subjective taste," Bischoff clarified. "They’re not trying to appeal to me so I’m not criticizing them, ["them"] being AEW for doing it. I’m just telling you how I feel - in this case as someone who’s been in the business for a minute and as a viewer."

The former Raw GM also had some issues with the recent Dark Side of the Ring episode about Nick Gage on Vice. While he had no problem with the show itself - and even praised the show's storytelling - it seems he felt the episode was a little too dark.

“When Dark Side of the Ring focuses too much on that story, I think it gives the entire industry a bad name... [W]hen people see that kind of thing they walk away with a perception of what wrestling is. That perception becomes harmful in the long run."
"I love the storytelling I see out of the Dark Side for the most part, but when you get too dark like that, I just think it’s not good for the business long term overall," Bischoff added.

What about you? Do you agree with Eric that Nick Gage's Deathmatch style of wrestling is bad for pro wrestling overall? Do you think he's way off base? What about his thoughts on Dark Side of The Ring? Share your own opinions in the comments section below.

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