WWE Hall of Famer shares heartbreaking message: "Sometimes your value isn't seen until your absence is felt"

The in-ring veteran shared the post on Instagram
The in-ring veteran shared the post on Instagram

A WWE legend has shared an emotional message on his official Instagram handle.

Rikishi was one of World Wrestling Entertainment's most popular acts in the early 2000s. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2015. Despite being retired for quite some time, he's quite active on social media and regularly attends wrestling fan meet-and-greets.

Rikishi recently shared a cryptic message on his Instagram story. Check it out below:

Rikishi's story on his Instagram handle
Rikishi's story on his Instagram handle

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The WWE legend's thoughts on The Bloodline

The Bloodline is quite possibly the biggest faction in recent WWE history. Roman Reigns has led the stable for about three years and is doing the best work of his career as a mega heel.

Rikishi's sons, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso are members of The Bloodline, while his other son, Jey, was once associated with the faction.

Here's what Rikishi said about The Bloodline while speaking on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge:

"Jimmy is laid back. I'd say Jey is kind of the one that's in your face. Solo is kind of what he is today, the silent killer. Iā€™m proud of all three of them, including Roman Reigns, to be able to be out there and represent the family today. I think the whole world acknowledges Roman Reigns. I am proud of Joe, Sika Joe Anoa'i. I think Roman Reigns is doing one hell of a job carrying the ball for the company for numerous years. I mean, it's not easy to be The Guy. I mean, there's so much responsibility behind the curtains and he's doing a good job. I just hope and I pray that he continues his strength and continues to take care of himself and get some rest.ā€

Rikishi last appeared on WWE TV during The Undertaker's retirement ceremony at Survivor Series 2020. His fans would love to see him get involved with The Bloodline somewhere down the line.

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