"Money was an issue." - WWE Legend on infamous canceled Hulk Hogan angle

The Hulkster nearly challenged for the NWA Worlds Title
The Hulkster nearly challenged for the NWA Worlds Title

WWE Legend Dutch Mantell recently explained why the Hulk Hogan vs. Jeff Jarrett feud in 2003 was canceled.

Though Hogan was notable for his notorious TNA/IMPACT Wrestling run between 2009 and 2013, this was not his only endeavor within the company. Following his WWE departure in 2003, Hogan worked briefly for New Japan Pro Wrestling and saw an opportunity for some crossover promotion with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. The NWA Title, TNA's top belt at the time, was up for grabs in the feud, but the match never took place, despite the hype from both Hulk and Jeff.

Now, legendary wrestling personality "Dirty" Dutch Mantell has discussed the infamous canceled angle. Featured in a podcast clip uploaded to Story Time with Dutch Mantell on his YouTube Channel, Dutch, who has worked on TNA creative at various points, gave details of the cancelation. While he didn't know the exact reason, he suggests that Hogan's asking price may have had something to do with it.

"Well, I don't know really what happened. But I think money was an issue. I think Hogan asked for some astronomical sum of money, and I think that TNA wanted him badly just to say they've had him. But they didn't feel like parting with that much money, and I gotta agree with 'em." he said (0:26 - 0:52)

What were the details of Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan in 2003?

The saga began when Hogan worked on an event called Super Crush II for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2003.

Following the event, The Hulkster addressed the media at a press conference, but was ambushed by Jeff Jarrett. Double-J smashed a guitar over Hulk's head after Hogan mentioned some 'unfinished business' in the United States. The bout was set to take place on TNA soil, which was huge at the time for the upstart promotion. Jarrett also attacked Hulk Hogan with a chair.


The angle was allegedly set to headline a TNA pay-per-view event, and even featured Jimmy Hart as the Hulkster's representative on TNA programming. However, the program was scrapped when negotiations fell through.

What did you think of Dutch Mantell's comments? Would you have liked to see Jeff Jarrett vs Hulk Hogan in 2003? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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