"It radically changed the dynamics" - WWE Legend on what led to Rick and Scott Steiner's Hall of Fame induction (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon, The Steiner Brothers, and Triple H backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.
Vince McMahon, The Steiner Brothers, and Triple H backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.
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Jeff Jarrett opened up about long-time friend Scott Steiner's WWE Hall of Fame induction during an exclusive Sportskeeda Wrestling interview. Big Poppa Pump took his rightful place in the HOF alongside his brother, Rick Steiner, and the honor came after years of unrest with the WWE.

Jeff Jarrett felt Scott Steiner was way ahead of his time as the superstar was surprisingly agile as a heavyweight.

Scott Steiner was effortlessly delivering hurricanranas off the top rope in an era when lighter athletes were discovering new moves.

Here's what Jeff Jarrett had to say about Scott Steiner:

"A lot of people in this generation view Scott as Big Poppa Pump. But when you look at the heavyweight that he was in the 90s, and his athletic ability, in so many ways, he was a revolutionary talent in the ring," opined Jeff Jarrett. "There were smaller guys that were doing fast-paced and different kinds of move sets, and Scott was doing a hurricanrana off the top - the different moves and his athletic ability; in a lot of ways, he was an innovator and a trendsetter many years ago." [16:45 - 17:26]

Scott Steiner has had a contentious equation with WWE over the years. The former WCW Champion has gone on record to criticize the likes of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Jeff Jarrett wasn't surprised that the Steiner Brothers had buried the hatchet with WWE. Jarrett credited Bron Breakker's rise in NXT for positively altering the dynamics of the relationship between WWE and Scott & Rick Steiner.

"The wacky world of professional wrestling always has its ups and downs," continued the 6-time Intercontinental Champion. "I kind of felt in the back of my mind that one day it might happen. Of course, with the door opening and the relationship, having a radical change of heart, you know, with Rick Steiner's son entering into NXT. It radically changed the dynamics of the Rick Steiner relationship with WWE. Very happy! [15:56 - 16:29]

A one-of-a-kind tag team: Jeff Jarrett on Rick and Scott Steiner

The Steiner Brothers won multiple championships in top American promotions, but Jeff Jarrett said that the tag team's NJPW work stood out on their resume. Rick & Scott won the IWGP Tag Team Championship twice and collectively had nine additional tag title reigns in the WWE and WCW divisions.

Based on accolades alone, the legendary duo are amongst the all-time greatest and on a whole different level, as explained by Jeff Jarrett:

"And then, Robbie (Robert Rechsteiner), them as a tag team, you know, phenomenal tag team, obviously in WCW and WWF, but you look at their work in New Japan, it really, to me, separates them from so many other tag teams," stated Jarrett. "So, I'm glad they are in there and happy for them because they are truly a one-of-a-kind tag team." [17:27 - 17:50]
"I thank my brother and I thank everyone out there for supporting us."The Steiner Brothers are now inducted into the #WWEHOF.#WWE #WrestleMania #ManiaWithSK

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