WWE legend opens up about not being in the Hall of Fame

WWE legend yet to get inducted into the Hall of Fame
There are still many legends that haven't received their Hall of Fame inductions

A WWE legend recently opened up about not being inducted into the Stamford-based company's Hall of Fame.

The name in question is wrestling legend Lex Luger. The 65-year-old joined WWE in 1993 after five successful years at WCW. He only spent two years in the company and returned to WCW in 1995. The former Royal Rumble winner is considered by many to be one of the greats of his generation. Luger is, however, yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The former WCW Champion recently launched his Lex Expressed podcast, where he was asked to share his thoughts on his absence from the Hall of Fame. In a candid conversation, he gave his thoughts on the matter and what a potential induction means to him.

“It would be enormous. It’d be a huge honor. Absolutely. I get asked that question a lot. A lot of guys go, ‘Wait a second. You’re not in?’ A lot of people think I’m already in. A lot of people will introduce me as a Hall of Famer. They say WWE and I go ‘Well, no, actually I’m not a WWE Hall of Famer yet.’ I don’t know if that’s a factor or not, but it may be controversial," Lex Luger said.

He further stated:

"Some people felt like the wrestling world kind of shunned me for quite a while over some of the things that happened outside of the ring that we can obviously go into at the proper time when we want to in the future. So if I never get in, I still look back fondly with my career and what I did accomplish, but man, it definitely would be the whipped cream and cherry on top and a huge honor if I ever do.” [H/T: WrestlingNews.co]

Former WWE Superstar Lex Luger expresses his love for faction wrestling

During his appearance on WWE's The Bump, Lex Luger opened up about his love for faction wrestling. He addressed himself as being part of many famous wrestling groups.

Luger believes that faction wrestling is great for the fans. He is also enjoying everything going on with the current wrestling groups.

"Kind of like the Horsemen, I was a part of it. I've been in some of the best factions. I love faction wrestling. Right now, what we have got going with all the factions. I love faction wrestling. I think it is great for the fans," Lex Luger said.

What are your thoughts on faction wrestling? Sound off in the comments section below.

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