"I ain't doing it" - WWE legend says he refused to lose against Sting

Sting has worked for several major companies, including WCW and WWE.
Sting has worked for several major companies, including WCW and WWE.
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WWE Hall of Famer Greg Valentine had a major issue with the way WCW Executive Vice President Bill Watts booked him against Sting.

On October 19, 1992, Valentine was supposed to lose against the wrestling legend on WCW Saturday Night. While he had no problem suffering a defeat, the 70-year-old only wanted to do so if the outcome led to a meaningful storyline.

Speaking in a “Title Match Wrestling” video, Valentine recalled how Watts’ booking caused him to immediately quit WCW.

“That didn’t work out all that well because Bill Watts was the booker and I didn’t get along with him at all,” Valentine said. “I ended up quitting... They wanted me to do a job for [lose against] Sting and I just said, ‘I ain’t doing it.’” [1:03-1:17]

Valentine wanted to attack Sting after the match or the following week to kick-start a potential storyline. Watts, by contrast, simply told the former Intercontinental Champion to lose clean in a match with no storyline build-up.

Greg Valentine’s honest thoughts on his fellow WWE Hall of Famer

At the age of 63, Sting still performs as an in-ring competitor for AEW. Earlier in his career, the wrestling icon made his name in WCW before going on to work for IMPACT/TNA and WWE.

While Valentine views Sting as a “nice guy,” he was never completely sold on the six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion’s in-ring ability. In a previous “Title Match Wrestling” video, the 2004 WWE Hall of Fame inductee gave his brutally honest opinion on his former co-worker.

“I didn’t think he was that hot, big [of] a deal anyway, and I still don’t,” Valentine said. “I’m not a Sting fan. Nice guy but, you know, I refused to do the job and I walked out.”

Where do you stand on Sting’s wrestling career? Are you a fan of the WCW legend or do you agree with Valentine’s view? Let us know in the comments!

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