Sting Wife

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NameSabine Glenn
Married On2015

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  1. Who is Sting’s wife?
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Sting's Wife

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Sting is considered to be an icon and a wrestling legend. The 61-year-old has been squaring off with new and older generation wrestlers on a weekly basis in AEW.

Sting has faced the nWo and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan at Starrcade. Sting made a fortune by wrestling through various promotions for over three decades

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Sting's Wife

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Who is Sting’s wife?

Sabine Glenn is the current and second wife of Sting. Sabine is a certified professional trainer before she married the Sting. She also has two daughters from her previous relationship. Sabine has kept herself under the radar of social media.

 Sting with his current and second wife Sabine Glenn

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Who was Sting’s first wife?

Before Sabine, Sting was married in the ’80s to Sue Borden. Sue and Sting had a hard time during their relationship, as Sting was fighting through addiction to painkillers and Sue had to take care of him and their kids.

Sue was a hardcore believer, and it helped their marriage for a while until they got separated in 2010.

Sting’s ex-wife Sue Borden

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FAQs on Sting’s Wife

Q. When did Sting marry Sabine?

Sting and Sabine exchanged vows in April 2015.

Q. How many kids does Sting have?

Sting has three kids, two sons and one daughter from his first marriage to Sue. Sabine has two daughters from her first marriage. Sting and Sabine do not have any kids from their marriage.

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