WWE legend says he got into a "shouting match" with Vince McMahon for 45 minutes over controversial storyline

The former CEO and Chairman of WWE recently turned 77
The former CEO and Chairman of WWE recently turned 77

Vince McMahon is no longer with WWE as he retired not long before he turned 77. There has been a lot of concern over his future, but there are certainly a lot of stories to relieve him from the past. WWE legend Mick Foley revealed that he had a 45-minute shouting contest with McMahon over a storyline he disagreed with.

This was none other than the controversial limo explosion storyline of 2007. Mick found it to be offensive to several people who were facing the prospect of death. McMahon even told Foley that if he wasn't comfortable being there, he didn't have to. The storyline was abruptly scrapped due to the death of Chris Benoit.

On his “Foley Is Pod” episode, he spoke extensively about Vengeance 2007. It was here that he revealed that he got into a long shouting match with Vince McMahon over the limo explosion storyline.

“I was really upset about it. I had about a 45-minute talk/shouting match with Mr. McMahon because I hated that angle. At the time I was doing quite a bit with the injured service members and I was always working with kids who are facing challenges, including imminent deaths." (H/T EWrestlingnews)

What has been the state of WWE post-Vince McMahon?

The state of WWE post-Vince McMahon has certainly been interesting to watch. With Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan at the helm, the biggest change that we've seen is on a creative level since Triple H took over.

Triple H is generally believed to be a booker who goes into straightforward storylines. There hasn't been anything convoluted in the last month or so and a lot of what we are seeing represents a new direction. Overall, fans seem to be happy with the post-McMahon era.

McMahon was spotted in New York City with John Cena and his wife. You can read about it here.

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