"It was something that had to do with his past" - Booker T on why WWE didn't sign top IMPACT star recently

Booker T has discussed Moose's potential move away from IMPACT
Booker T has discussed Moose's potential move away from IMPACT

Booker T has opened up about why IMPACT star Moose wasn't signed by WWE. He said the company decided not to sign the Impact World Champion because of things he had done in the past.

Moose began his pro wrestling journey in 2012, after calling time on his football career. He has been a key part of IMPACT Wrestling over the last few years and has held the Impact Grand Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and now the Impact World Championship.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T revealed that he tried to get Moose into WWE, but the IMPACT star did not get in due to issues outside of the ring.

"I actually talked to Moose maybe a year-and-a-half ago and put in a word for Moose to try to get into the company (WWE), didn't work out for him back then. I don't know what the entire story was, it was something that actually had to do with his past. I'm going to tell you right now, you can't judge a book by its cover. If people judged me on what I went through in my past I wouldn't be here right now," Booker T recalled.

The Hall of Famer believes that Moose should get an opportunity to join the company and should not be judged on things in his past.

"More importantly, I think about, 'Have I heard anything about Moose since he's been in the wrestling business? Have I heard any controversial stories about Moose since he's been in this business? I would say no,'" said Booker T.

Booker T also discussed Moose's desire to face Roman Reigns and thinks that the IMPACT star should battle The Tribal Chief.

Moose said he rejected an offer from WWE

Last year, Moose stated that he was open to joining McMahon's promotion and disclosed that he had discussions with the company.

"Definitely never say never, right? I’ve had chances to go there and I actually had an opportunity to go there not too long ago but turned it down to stay in IMPACT," said Moose.

Moose said that IMPACT's schedule as part of his new contract played a pivotal role in him staying with the company. With the "forbidden door" being opened for Mickie James recently, a top name like Moose would be a great addition to WWE.

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