“You can tell they were mad” - WWE veteran breaks down issues with Charlotte and Becky Lynch’s title exchange (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell criticized WWE for drafting the champions
Dutch Mantell criticized WWE for drafting the champions

WWE Veteran Dutch Mantell criticized the company for its treatment of the Women's Championships.

Multiple sources reported earlier that after the championship segment between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair last week, there was a backstage altercation between the two. Eventually, the latter was escorted out of the building.

Speaking to Sid Pullar III in the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Mantell compared the WWE draft to the NFL draft and opined that they shouldn't have traded to opposing brands.

But even if they did, they shouldn't have done the championship segment and instead they should've had the belts automatically exchanged.

"If you think about the draft system, how long have they used it? 10-15 years or so? I guess it worked out well in the past but to draft your champion to the other show does not make sense to me. You know it's almost like NFL, you know, you protect certain players, they cannot even be traded. When you protect your champions that they won't be traded off and then when both are changed, they got the other show's belt. The best thing to me would've been to just have them automatically exchanged. I think it has got more cons to it than pros but I didn't like the idea and you could tell they were pissed off. You can tell they were mad. That was not a smooth development. It's not what draws money," Dutch Mantell said.

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Dutch Mantell believes WWE cannot punish Charlotte Flair

The veteran believes the company cannot punish Flair as she is one of the top stars in the division. Mantell added that the possibility of losing her to AEW makes it even harder for WWE.

"You can't control your talent from going out there and doing that but you see they can't fire Charlotte Flair for it. If it was a lesser deal then maybe they would've suspended her and put her on the shelf but you can't do it now because it was so obvious what she was doing and that just got them a lot of bad publicity. Plus, I think AEW, they want her. That's another reason they can't trade her away," Dutch Mantell said.

On Friday's SmackDown, Flair opened the show with a segment featuring Sasha Banks and Shotzi. She even won a match against the latter. As the top performer of the Blue Brand's women's division, WWE is expected to prominently feature her in the future.

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