Emily Blunt gives her honest opinion on The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a "confusing person who pushes boundaries", according to Emily Blunt. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a "confusing person who pushes boundaries", according to Emily Blunt. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)
Karan Bedi

In a profile article on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Vanity Fair, Emily Blunt revealed that though he is known for his blazing charisma, he's shy and introverted.

The article touches on the Rock's background, starting from his childhood, his WWE career, and into his current status as one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Blunt, his Jungle Cruise co-star, believes that there's more to this colossal framework of a human. She said:

"I know the first thing everyone notices is that colossal framework of a human, but what people who really know him well know is that held inside it is this equally oceanic compassion and humility,” she says. “He’s got this sort of blazing charisma that he’s really known for, but he’s quite shy and introverted. He’s an interesting and very rare mix of really confident and really humble.” Blunt adds: “He also happens to be a tequila-swilling, fun-as-hell hang, and he’s got the filthiest laugh in the world.”

Blunt also added that the Rock is a very confusing person who is also polite and pushes boundaries simultaneously.

“He has no boundaries whatsoever. He’s a very confusing person, because he’s the most polite gentleman in the world, and then he will just push the boundaries until he is saying things that will just make your head spin to make you laugh…I think that he’s got this rebellious kid in him that won’t be straitjacketed.”
I knew going in that this @VanityFair cover and inside story would be the culmination and definition of my life and career.
So I drank tequila and told the truth.
Deeply personal, open and raw.
Honored to share it with you.
Enjoy the read.
dj 🖤

The Rock and Blunt seem to have got along quite nicely on Jungle Cruise, but her comments reflect those who have worked with him in the wrestling industry. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, and judging by his co-star's comments, that moniker will soon apply to Hollywood as well.

Vince Russo doesn't think that the Rock can improve WWE ratings long-term

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo believes that if the Rock returned to WWE, it would only be for a short period. He said:

“First of all, bro, they could throw 10 million dollars at Rock, whatever they wanna throw at Rock,” Russo said. “Bro, that’s great, okay, and, bro, you are going to get a number with The Rock, bro… for a week. Okay, bro, we’re gonna go back the next week with no Rock and it’s gonna be business as usual.”

Does Russo have a point? Time will tell if and when the Rock does return to WWE television.

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