Jim Ross thinks WWE booked 3-time World Champion badly

Jim Ross worked for WWE for a combined 22 years
Jim Ross worked for WWE for a combined 22 years
Danny Hart

Former WWE commentator and executive Jim Ross believes the company should have booked DDP differently after obtaining his contract from WCW.

DDP debuted on WWE television in June 2001 as part of a stalker storyline involving The Undertaker’s ex-wife, Sara. The three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion spent 12 months in WWE before leaving due to a neck injury.

Ross recently said on his Grilling JR podcast that WWE failed to properly utilize Tazz after he joined the company from ECW. On this week’s episode, he added DDP to the list of names who deserved better storylines in WWE.

“I don’t think WWE, I’ll take responsibility too, to some degree, I don’t think we did justice with Tazz creatively, and I don’t think we did justice for DDP. I don’t know why he wasn’t as liked as he should have been. You [Grilling JR host Conrad Thompson] have been around DDP. He likes to control the room and talk and talk and talk [laughs], but I think he’s one of the greatest overachievers in the history of pro wrestling,” Ross said.
How did the WWE miss on DDP??Guy was SO over...

DDP held the European Championship and Tag Team Championship (w/Chris Kanyon) during his one-year WWE run. In 2017, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

DDP’s alternative storyline idea for his WWE debut

Yes @TheRock & @RealDDP would have been Magic💥 DDP…

Earlier this year, DDP spoke about his widely criticized WWE debut storyline during an interview on The Angle Podcast.

The WCW legend admitted he should not have agreed to participate in the stalker storyline. Instead, he wishes he had fought backstage to have a match against The Rock.

“Every single thing that I have ever said has happened, except for when I came up with the idea of People’s Champion versus People’s Champion. That’s what should have happened. Vince wanted me in that stalker thing because they wanted to beat the company [WCW] down,” DDP said.

The Rock worked with former WCW stars including Booker T and Lance Storm after Vince McMahon purchased WCW in 2001. However, he never shared the ring with DDP.

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