"Look at a guy this size" - Vince Russo was upset over T-Bar looking weak against former champion (Exclusive)

T-Bar faced Finn Balor on the latest edition of RAW
T-Bar faced Finn Balor on the latest edition of RAW

During a recent episode of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo talked about the latest match between T-Bar and Finn Balor. Russo had an issue with the showdown between the two on Monday Night RAW.

Russo started off by comparing the massive height difference between the two, and the former wrestling booker definitely wasn't a fan of the way the 6'9'' tall T-Bar was booked.

Vince Russo took issue with T-Bar super-kicking Finn Balor and the former Universal Champion kicking out of it. Instead, he would've preferred WWE to pull off a different angle with the match.

“Bro, they’re touting T-bar at 6’9, 6’9, 6’9, 6’9. Bro, a 6’9 guy kicks a 5’9 guy in the face. You’d kill the guy bro, a 6’9 guy, T-Bar’s super kicking Finn Balor in the face, would kill him and what does Finn Balor do? Kick out... It would never happen in a million years, so we just saw the dewdrop splash, which didn’t get the job done. We saw a 6 foot 9 guy, super kicking a 5 foot 9 guy and couldn’t beat him,” said Russo.


How Vince Russo would've booked T-Bar differently

The former WWE writer added that if he was writing for T-Bar, he would have done something more interesting.

Everything you see here happened after the bell, illegally. No security, referees or producers were sent to stop this assault. @WWE management just sat back & watched. Is this the sloppy shop you are running @ScrapDaddyAP @SonyaDevilleWWE? Fix this. I demand a #USTitle Match.

While Russo admitted that he doesn’t know T-Bar well, he remains impressed with his physique and height.

“Bro I definitely like it, if I were writing for this guy T-Bar, I definitely, definitely could do something with this guy. See bro, it’s hard to say because I would really have to know about him, you know I would really have to get to know him and know his strains. So, I know nothing about him from the way they presented him and I’ve been watching for over two years... But I mean bro, when you look at a guy this size, you mean to tell me, you couldn’t have gotten this guy in a program with a Drew McIntyre?”, added Russo.

The former creative writer clearly would've liked to see T-Bar engage in a feud with Drew McIntyre. Now wouldn't that be an interesting prospect?

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