'WWE's always open for business' - Drew McIntyre on teasing a match against Kazuchika Okada (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre is slated to face Bobby Lashley this weekend
Drew McIntyre is slated to face Bobby Lashley this weekend

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre graced Sportskeeda Wrestling with an exclusive chat ahead of his match against Bobby Lashley this weekend. You can catch the entire conversation with McIntyre in the link shared below.


We asked Drew McIntyre about the tweet he put out when the WWE and NJPW alliance rumors first emerged. If you look closely at how it was worded, it spells out 'Okada'. So is a Drew McIntyre vs. Okada match on the horizon? Could we potentially see the two companies working together?

Drew McIntyre states that WWE is open for business

Although Drew McIntyre laughed when the question was posed to him, he did maintain that a match against Kazuchika Okada is something he wants:

"I mean I'm not going to say that we're never going to see it ever. But I will say that I like to have fun. And I like to play out to things online. So, if you notice anything weird about something I say or something I do, there's generally a reason behind it as you noticed. But that's a match I'd love to have if it ever is possible."

But as fun as fantasy booking is, could a WWE vs. NJPW super match happen? Drew McIntyre maintains that his employers are open for business:

"And as we've seen over the last few years, with all the different companies in the world and people working together, WWE is always open for business if it's the right situation. If it makes sense for business, that would be the match I would love."

Do let us know if you think such a match could happen in our lifetimes. What other WWE vs. NJPW contests would you potentially like to see?

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