WWE star explains why he flirted with Maxxine Dupri (Exclusive)

Maxxine Dupri joined WWE
Maxxine Dupri joined WWE's main roster in 2022

Maxxine Dupri has featured regularly on WWE RAW in recent months alongside Alpha Academy members Chad Gable and Otis. In an exclusive interview, Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser gave his in-character reasoning behind why he has repeatedly attempted to flirt with Dupri.

The interactions between the two began when Dupri's on-screen ally Gable emerged as a challenger for Intercontinental Champion Gunther. The highlight of the rivalry so far occurred on September 4 when the 2012 Olympian unsuccessfully challenged for the title on RAW.

During WWE's trip to India, Kaiser told Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta that his character flirts with Dupri on television because he gets sidetracked by her presence:

"Sometimes it's hard not to get distracted, especially within the WWE Universe, I gotta say. I think as long as you keep your main goal right in front of your eyes, it's okay to have a little look left and right." [3:37 – 3:50]

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Giovanni Vinci and Gunther were also part of the interview. Provided Kaiser continues to perform well, the Intercontinental Champion clarified he has no issues with his Imperium stablemate's exchanges with Dupri:

"As long as the objectives are still the focus, I don't mind," Gunther said. [3:55 – 3:59]

Watch the video above to hear Gunther's brutally honest opinion on Gable's daughter crying after he beat her father on RAW.

Ludwig Kaiser is dating Maxxine Dupri's friend Tiffany Stratton

In a separate Sportskeeda Wrestling interview, Ludwig Kaiser recently opened up about his real-life relationship with Tiffany Stratton. Away from the cameras, Stratton is friends with Maxxine Dupri from their time together at WWE's Performance Center training facility.

Asked if he will join forces with the former NXT Women's Champion on television, Kaiser explained why she does not require his help:

"I think that Tiffany doesn't really need to jump on that opportunity or that storyline [with Maxxine Dupri] that I'm doing right now because she is so amazing by herself," Kaiser said. "She is going to go her own way, so she [does] not by any means need any kind of support or push from my side. She is a one-of-a-kind athlete and a one-of-a-kind person, and she's been doing so amazing."

On September 12, Stratton lost the NXT Women's Championship to Becky Lynch in the biggest match of her career so far.

What do you make of Ludwig Kaiser's segments with Maxxine Dupri? Let us know in the comments section below.

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