WWE Universe receives another set of cryptic images; QR Code unveils mysterious Uncle Howdy clues

Another QR code related to Uncle Howdy (Source: WWE)
Another QR code related to Uncle Howdy was shown this week.

The WWE Universe has been serially receiving several cryptic messages from Uncle Howdy for several weeks now. Fans have their eyes glued to their screens to spot a QR code glitch as the episodes of SmackDown stream every week, revealing another peculiar fragment of a puzzle.

This week’s clue traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the WWE team and appeared during the entrance of the A-Town Down Under. The code led to an archived website that constantly plays an eerie piano tune. It also carries several cryptic poems supposedly unearthed and circulated by Uncle Howdy.

Archived recovered page
Archived recovered page

The website carried several clickable sections, each revealing a separate verse. One of the sections also talked about a newly discovered journal, which is the most likely source of these mysterious lines. Notably, the lines have been written in first person and also address a higher entity with the words ‘he’ and ‘him’ being used.

The hints so far point to the continuation of Bray Wyatt’s legacy. Moreover, his brother, Bo Dallas, is regarded as the perpetrator behind all these cryptic messages. He will reportedly introduce a new faction soon as Uncle Howdy. In fact, this new group, which is currently being called the Wyatt 6, has also supposedly gotten hold of a rare childhood photograph of The Fiend.

Is Uncle Howdy behind the revelation of Bray Wyatt’s buried past?

Last week, during the May 17, 2024 episode of SmackDown, the most bizarre QR code glitch appeared before the WWE Universe. The code led to a video titled ‘22423’ and it showcased a photograph of a small boy.

The photograph was surrounded by several paper slips with stick figures of humans drawn on them. The boy’s face was painted white and his lips had a black shade, with a black marker stroke covering his eyes. He was also wearing a skeleton suit. Supposedly, Bo Dallas was speaking in the background of the video.

The video ended with Bo Dallas asking:

“Do you want to meet him?”

It was followed by the silhouette of a hooded figure through scrambled television noise. Did this photograph belong to a very young Bray Wyatt? Or did Uncle Howdy give the WWE Universe a glimpse of the higher power the poems are addressed to? Only time will tell.

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