"You gotta make up your mind" - WWE veteran on Daniel Bryan's comments after WrestleMania 37 [Exclusive]

Daniel Bryan said he felt "detached" during the WrestleMania main event (Credit: WWE)
Daniel Bryan said he felt "detached" during the WrestleMania main event (Credit: WWE)
James Sullivan

Vince Russo has given his take on Daniel Bryan's post-WrestleMania comments in which the superstar claimed he felt "detached" during the main event.

On a recent episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, the former head writer for WWE said he felt Daniel Bryan needed to make up his mind after making contradictory comments about his future in WWE.

On the one hand, Daniel Bryan has said he is looking to wind things down and move to a more part-time schedule. On the other hand, he's also said he's floated the idea of working for other wrestling companies outside of WWE.

Here's what Vince Russo had to say on Daniel Bryan's current situation:

"If, number one, you’re not feeling it and then you’re going public with it? That tells a lot, man. Those comments were really, really interesting after the match," said Russo.
"It’s funny because he made those comments back to back! I just went out there for the first time in my career, I wasn’t feeling it, and then he’s talking about, oh, I’m trying to work out a deal where I can work with the WWE and other companies. Like, what is it?... Listen, I like Daniel Bryan as a human being. You can tell he’s one of the real ones. But these were two statements that really contradicted each other. I’m wondering is this the inner turmoil going on inside of him right now? Where he really doesn’t know?... You gotta decide what you wanna do, bro!" Russo continued.


Daniel Bryan is set to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship this week on SmackDown. The bout is being described as his "last shot" at the title. Should Bryan lose, many are expecting him to take a hiatus from WWE or possibly retire, in line with his recent comments and the match's stipulation.

Vince Russo on Daniel Bryan's retirement

During the episode, Vince Russo also revealed how he would book Daniel Bryan's potential retirement angle. Russo explained that he would put Bryan over, having him win the world title after experiencing a string of losses.

"If it’s me, and that one last match is a title match, I’m putting him over! I’m putting him over and I’m having him relinquish the belt the next night. This guy deserves that," said Russo.

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